The Wire Fox Terrier general features, temperament, health

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FCI # 169, Origin: Great Britain, Group 3.1 Terriers.

Height: 13-16 in, Weight: 13-20 pounds

Grooming: High, Shedding: Low, Coat: Harsh coat with the softer undercoat.

Color: White with brown and black markings.

Ease of training: High, Energy level: High, Span of life: 12-15 years.

Breed: According to some sources, among the terriers in the XV-XVI centuries, there were some individuals, vaguely reminiscent of the modern Fox Terrier, but there is no reason to consider them the founders of the breed, especially since they were not in a big quantity.??Closer to the XVIII century there appeared some representatives, that have already had some similarities with the modern Fox Terrier.

By this time, the two varieties of terriers - wire haired and smooth haired were already formed.??Before the 60-ies of the XIX century, both types were considered one breed, and only later they started to separate.??Smooth haired variety has evolved much faster than wire haired - up to the end of XIX century.

Forming of a Fox Terrier as a breed, happened apparently no earlier than the end of the XVIII or even the beginning of the XIX century.??The first dog show in England took place in 1859.??But only in 1886, there was held the first special exhibition for terriers, where it was exhibited 125 Smooth and only 50 Wire Fox Terriers.

The fox hunting, which received in the XVIII century the extreme popularity, became the national sport of England.??This required a special approach to the selection of a hunting dogs.??They should have a clearly expressed anger towards the beast, a small size, a bright contrasting color, which was determined by the need for a clear visual distinction of the terriers from the hounds and from the beast.??Naturally, the breeders were guided by these requirements. The emergence of a large kennels had contributed greatly to the development of the more precise types of the Fox Terriers.

Fox Terriers??participation??in the exhibitions brought them an immense popularity.??Dramatically were increased the number of dogs and their geographical distribution.??The increased popularity of the Fox Terrier contributed to the growth of exports to Germany, Russia, Austria and other countries in Europe, North America and even Australia.

In 1898, the Fox Terrier fanciers from the Western Germany founded the German Fox Terrier Club, which later was transformed into the Society of Fox Terrier Fanciers. The??publishing of the "Fox Terrier"??magazine??was started, and the stud books of the Club were written.??In 1891 in Germany was organized the first exhibition, which had a great success.

Despite an increasing interest in the Fox Terriers as a show dogs, the German Fox Terrier club was trying not only to maintain the outstanding working qualities of the dogs, bred from the imported Fox Terriers, but also to improve their preparation for the hunt.??In Germany, as it was also in England, one of the most pressing issues in the selection was a question about the growth of dogs.

The Fox Terrier fanciers feel proud of the permanence and immutability of the standard and this pride is justified.??Fox Terrier as a breed is perfect.??We know that. His??size and shape are perfect for any environment.??Anyone who has tried to keep the big dog in a small apartment or rooming house, must admit that it has some disadvantages. But not??with the "King of Companions" - a Fox Terrier.

This little hunter, this "forest tramp" feels fine anywhere, he is enthusiastic, and he does not create any problems.??Those gentlemen who brought this breed in the twentieth century, knew that they were able to create the "perfect dog".

Really strong, smart, beautiful dog with incredibly small number of health problems, nice looking in it's harmony. The standard of a Fox Terrier should be carved in stone, and then you have to throw away all the hammers and chisels - to avoid temptation to write there anything else.

wire fox dog breeds

General Features: The Fox Terrier is active and strong, but also wise and brave, he is accompanying his man in a field, in the woods and at home.

His head is quite long and narrow with the strong muscles on the cheeks and before the ears. His eyes are small, very dark, full of pride and joy of life. The ears of a Fox Terrier must be small and shaped like the letter V. His neck is long with a slightly convex nape, it gradually narrows to the shoulders, which are also long and sloping. His front legs are straight and thick, and the hind legs - strong and the hocks are close to the ground. The paws of a Fox Terrier are small and round, with the thick claws. His chest is deep, but somewhat narrow. His back is straight and the loin is strong and muscular. The tail is set high and usually docked. It can not be thin or curved, but must be strong and straight. His coat is dense with the softer undercoat, that??requires a special trimming. The coat color is white with the brown and black markings.??These markings can have any shape and can be located anywhere, their shape and location do not give any special advantage.

Temperament: The Fox Terrier is a cheerful, lively, very mobile, agile and temperamental dog, he is in constant motion and loves long walks.??Dogs of this breed are endowed with a??particularly??sonorous voice, audible from the ground, which distinguishes them from the other terriers.??They are fearless and alert, they have a rapid response to the slightest stimulus, and the intense commitment of a Fox Terrier to action gives you a feeling that he is always standing on the tiptoes.

Sometimes Fox Terrier may show a guarding instinct, a willingness to stand up for his owner, showing at that time all his fighting qualities.??In the family, this dog is very friendly, sociable, kind and affectionate, but needs a firm control by the owner, in order to restrain the strong hunting instinct and the nervousness of the character.??Fox Terrier is easy to train, he can learn to find and retrieve literally everything, even the hare.

Fox Terriers have a fairly great mental strength, courage and even recklessness.??These dogs are able to attack the beast, much bigger than themselves in height and weight. This??dog is well built, has an elegant look, the wire Fox Terrier, after trimming, is so handsome, that this breed has become very popular not only as a working dog, but as show dog as well.??But do not forget - the Fox Terrier was bred as a hunting dog, he is designed to work in the burrows, as evidenced by the very name of the breed.

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English ladies and gentlemen, the first owners and breeders of these charmers, were dreaming to have a dog that will fit their company and lifestyle. And this dog soon learned culturally, in the English manner, to draw attention to his modest person. Within the bounds of the rules of polite communication, without barking, jumping and other terribly impolite receptions...

If you do not understand, the Fox Terrier is intelligent, trustworthy, loyal, friendly, courteous, obedient, cheerful, brave and has a pure soul. We can say that Foxie is the eternal boy scout of the canine world. He is "always ready"! He is restless! It's only people, who have to plan their lives, thinking about the future. No, such thoughts do not visit the head of a Fox Terrier. He lives in this very moment and lives a very bright and full life! His owner is his future. Foxie is fully accepting this fact and he fully believes in you.

However, in conclusion, we have to say one more thing. Like most of boys, Fox Terrier is careless and does not feel the danger. In a dangerous situation his high set tail is shaking and his eyes become mischievous. Foxie is a reckless dog. This fact imposes an additional obligations on the owner. A lot of Fox Terriers had??traveled??to the "better??world" because of the fact that their owners had hoped that the dog will be careful...

Fox Terrier is equally not afraid of mice, cows, lions or buses... In the difficult and dangerous situations, anxiety gives way to the lust for adventure, and wisdom is obscured by bravery.

Health problems: The Wire Fox Terrier is generally a very healthy breed. However in some lines the dogs of this breed may be prone to the??epilepsy.

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