Chinese Crested Dog general features, temperament, health

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FCI # 288, Origin: China (Great Britain), Group 9.4 Companion and Toy Dogs.

Height: 12 in, Weight: not more than 10 pounds

Grooming: Medium, Shedding: Low, Coat: Hairless variety only has hair on the head, legs and on the tip of tail. Powder Puff variety has a fine long silky coat with the soft undercoat.

Color: Any color is allowed.

Ease of training: High, Energy level: Medium, Span of life: 10-12 years.

Breed: The origin of the hairless breeds is shrouded in myths and legends.??Their history goes many centuries back. The hairless dogs??lived in Africa, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Turkey, Ethiopia and China.

In Mexico the hairless dogs were especially revered, they belonged to one of the ten symbols of goodness.??Toltecs were worshiping this dogs as a symbol of selfless love.There was a tradition to bury the dog, along with the deceased owner, because according to a legend, the spirit of the dog at the Highest Court will protect the soul of the master.

In the era of the Aztecs the attitude for the hairless dogs was changed. ??Although she continued to be a temple dog - still considered to be sacred and treated as a gift of the gods, but also she ??became a ritual food for the religious festivals.??For these purposes were only used the dogs of some certain color, raised up in a special conditions.

The first archaeological discoveries, proving the existence of the hairless dogs in the ancient time, belong to the IX-XII centuries. There were preserved the statues and images of a hairless dogs.??The first description of the hairless dogs was made by a??traveler??Hernandos Francisco in 1500.

We do not know exactly how the hairless dogs appeared in China.??It is assumed that to China they came from Africa, and later from Turkey.??In Manchuria, there is now a breed of hairless dogs called Tai-Tai.

At the end of the XIX century the hairless dogs appeared in England, they were exhibited in the London Zoo as exotic animals.??But at that time the recognition and distribution of these dogs did not occur.

Only since 1969, when the hairless dogs were brought to England from the U.S., they are gaining recognition. There was founded the Chinese Crested Dog??Club, and in 1974 was performed the first breed show.

Chinese Crested dog breeds

General Features: Chinese Crested dog, certainly is attracting everybodie's attention: it is completely or nearly hairless. On the body of this dog there must be no hair at all, skin is an important breed characteristics: it is thin, delicate and smooth.There is a furry variety of the Chinese Crested dog (usually called the Powder Puff), this dogs have a long soft coat and shorter silky undercoat.

The Powder Puff dogs do not grow bald, but they always carry the hairless gene.??The hairless variety of the Chinese Crested dog has a long hair on the head, forming a kind of tuft, and a pubescence on the tail.??The Powder Puff dogs may have any color of the coat. When well groomed they look like a little Afgan Hounds.The skin of a hairless type of Chinese Crested dog can vary from pink to black, including mahogany, blue, lavender or cooper, solid color or brindle.The eyes of a Chinese Crested dog are almond shaped, the color of the eyelids should match the color of the dog.Ears are normally erect, but never cropped.

Temperament: Chinese Crested Dog is a gentle companion, incredibly devoted to his family.??This breed usually gets along well with dogs and other pets and has an amicable attitude even to the strangers.

Those, who own the dogs of this breed say that the Chinese Crested like to cuddle and crave human contact.

Chinese Crested dog does not fit very busy people who do not have enough time for their pets.??These dogs need constant contact with a person and they do not feel fine, when left alone for a long time.

In addition, the Chinese Crested dog usually establishes a close relationship with one or two people in the family, and often this relationship is vital for this dog.??Even when her favorite people are leaving home, she will always be waiting and looking for them.

In this regard, the Chinese Crested dog is very difficult to adapt and change the owner as an adult, you should be aware of this before you make a??decision??to??purchase??a Chinese Crested dog puppy.

Chinese Crested dog without a proper socializing and exploring new places, animals and humans can become timid and shy.??Despite the fact that the Chinese crested dogs usually do not cause problems of excessive barking, it still may come as a problem if the Chinese Crested is nervous or bored.

Excessive chewing can also be a problem with this breed if the dog is left alone for a long time.??However, a lot of attention and the availability of toys for chewing will help to eliminate this problem.

Chinese Crested dog is a perfect choice for those who want to teach their dogs to perform various tricks and commands.??Chinese Crested dogs can be taught to walk on their hind legs, jump over obstacles, climb ladders and much more.??They very much want to please their owners, so they will try to do anything they can only to make their owners happy.

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Different types of Chinese Crested dogs require different care.

The hairless type requires less grooming.??Daily or every other day you will only need to comb the hair on the tail, head and paws of the dog. The skin of a hairless Chinese Crested dogs also requires care. This type??needs regular bathing, so that the dogs will not develop acne, as well as using a special cream to protect their skin from drying and irritation.

Long and silky coat of a Powder Puff Chinese Crested dogs needs care every day or two.

The top coat can be combed with the a normal comb with wide teeth and a thick undercoat needs some special attention, since it can be easily tangled.

The teeth of Chinese Crested dogs are very bad, the hairless type has only a slight covering of enamel, causing cavities formed on the teeth and the dog may even loose some teeth.??Start brushing as soon as possible, better from the early puppyhood.

Chinese Crested dog is gaining weight easily, so the dogs of this breed must be always participating in some activities.

They love to walk outside and play.??Keep in mind that the bare skin of the hairless Chinese Crested dog has no protection, thus it is exposed to cuts and wounds more than in the other breeds of dogs.

Health problems: The Chinese Crested dog is a quite healthy breed. However, the hairless variety is prone to some dental problems - up to loosing teeth. The Powder Puff variety normally have their teeth healthy.The hairless dogs may get a sunburn, so the good creme with the sunscreen will be quite useful.Both varieties - Hairless and Powder Puff - are gaining weight easily, so this dogs should not be overfed.

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