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FCI # 342, Origin: U.S.A., Group 1.1 Sheepdogs

Height: 18-23 in, Weight: 40-65 pounds

Grooming: Medium, Shedding: Medium, Coat: Medium length (sometimes shorter in working dogs), flat or slightly wavy, weather resistant.

Color: Black, liver and tan, blue merle, liver merle.

Ease of training: High, Energy level: High, Span of life: 12-15 years.

Breed: The origin of the Australian Shepherd is not known exactly.??Despite it's name, the Australian Shepherd is not from Australia.??It was even suggested that they could be a relic of the lost continent of Atlantis.??According to the early owners and breeders, these small multi-colored dogs got their name when they arrived to the U.S. with the ships, which were delivering Australian??sheep??and the Basque shepherd dogs.??It was in the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries, in times of prosperity of the wool market of America.

The live-stock owners were amazed by the abilities of these gifted dogs that were used for herding cattle and sheep.??Their popularity began to grow throughout the western United States.??This did not happen until the 1950's and 60's, when Jay Sisler, a member of the rodeo events and rancher from Idago included in his team Shorty, Stubby, and Queenie, and the Australian Shepherd acquired a nation-wide attention.??Jay and the Aussies won the admiration of the rodeo audience in all states and Canada with lots of tricks (this kind of tricks can hardly be seen even in our days).??Indeed, these dogs were so unique and amazing that Disney made them the main heroes of two films: ??Stub, The Best Cow Dog in the West?? and ??Run Appaloosa Run??.

Juanita Ely - one of the very first breeders of the Australian Shepherds - bought her first Aussie in 1920, when she had imported sheep from Australia. Those??sheep arrived to the U.S., accompanied by a Basque shepherd and a small blue dog with him.??Later, Mrs. Ely bought a bitch from Jay Sisler, Ely's Blue, a full sister of Sisler's Queenie, the famous trick dog.??Ely's Blue made Hartnagle's Badger and Hartnagle's Goody (who later became known as Blue Shadow, an ancestor of the well-known lines of Wood and Flintridge).

The lines - the founders of the breed - were established, and the modern Australian Shepherd was developed from them.??The most influential producers of today's Aussies were Sisler's Shorty, Wood's Jay, George's Red Rustler, Windhaven's Thistle and Hartnagle's Fritzie Taylor, they have produced many outstanding dogs and bitches, which, in turn, laid the foundation for many modern lines, listed in the??Hall of Fame or in the list of honored dogs of American Australian Shepherd Club.

Australian Shepher dog breeds

General Features: Australian Shepherd is a strong, proportioned dog of slightly expanded format with a rather harsh coat.

The colors of his coat are surprisingly refined and varied: a blue merle, red merle, black, liver, red with or without tan - each of those colors is unique and attracts attention. Australian Shepherd's body is well balanced, strong and muscular. Because of these qualities Australian Shepherd is very beautiful and harmonious.

Despite his relatively small size, the Australian Shepherd is able to handle the huge flock of sheep or a herd of bulls.

If irrepressible passion for the work - a quality that is not immediately evident, then, of course, no one can remain indifferent to the amazing beauty of the Australian Shepherd and his blue eyes. However, the Australian Shepherd may disappoint a casual owner: he must necessarily be able to realize his inherent talents.

Temperament: Nowadays the Australian Shepherd is one of the most popular family and sporting dogs.??This is an extremely talented animal - Aussie is able to graze the livestock, protect home and family, work in the police, they are a great drug sniffers and rescue dogs.

Australian Shepherd obeys his master absolutely, it is possible to engage him in any kind of dog sport - from agility to weight pulling. He??is very hardworking and eager to please his master. The Australian Shepherd can not live a happy life without a permanent occupation - he needs something to do to be in a good physical shape.

Recently there was bred a smaller "version" of this popular breed - the Miniature Australian Shepherd.
This is an ideal dog for home and family, a true friend and reliable companion for children.??Australian Shepherd is balanced, never aggressive, totally predictable and??reliable.

Aussie is extraordinarily intelligent and can be easily trained, his intellectual abilities will always pleasantly surprise you. He??never barks without a reason, it's a nice quiet dog.

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This prompt and energetic dog is always mobile and active.??Australian Shepherd loves long walks, you can take him with you on a hikes or bike tours.

Impressive appearance and unusual color of Australian Shepherd makes him a frequent winner of the dog shows.??For many people the Australian Shepherd seems to be only a show dog, but do not forget that above all his show qualities he has been bred to work.

Australian Shepherd needs a constant communication with the owner, he can not be left alone for a long time, boredom and idleness are unbearable for him.

From the early age this dog needs a proper socialization and careful upbringing without any robustness.??Cruelty and unfairness to this dog will make him timid and shy.

Australian Shepherd's coat requires regular brushing and combing, if necessary, the dog should be washed. Aussies shed twice a year.

Health problems: The main??concerns??in the Australian Shepherds would be spinal problems and hip dysplasia. Some puppies - born from merle-merle crosses - might be deaf or blind.

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