Cane Corso Italiano general features, temperament, health

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FCI # 343, Origin: Italy, Group 2.2 Molossoid Breeds.

Height: 23-27 in, Weight: 88-110 pounds

Grooming: Low, Shedding: Medium, Coat: Short with the short undercoat.

Color: Different kinds of fawn, brindle, grey or red.

Ease of training: Medium, Energy level: Medium, Span of life: 10-12 years.

Breed: Contrary to the popular belief, the Cane Corso is not a Corsican dog and has little in common with the ancient dogs of Sicily and Corsica, known in the past as "Dogo de Sicily".??The word "Corso" in the name of the breed is a characteristic of the dog (strong, vigorous), and is not an indication of it's geographical distribution.??The modern Cane Corso came from the northern Italy and has a close relationship with the Mastino Napoletano.

In the past, these dogs were, of course, representing one of the local types of the Roman molossian dogs and were not allocated to a special breed, they were used as shepherds and guardians, for hunting and baiting, regularly they were serving the cattle-men and butchers.??The breed is??officially??recognized relatively recently, in 1983, thanks to the efforts of Professor Antonio Mortsiani.??However, this does not mean that in the face of Cane Corso, we see just another young breed.??The researchers of the history of Mastino Napoletano and Cane Corso ??very much confused ??the situation, trying to trace the origin of this two breeds separately, but??analyzing??all known and lately discovered facts, we find that the modern Mastino Napoletano - is more likely a decorative version of the southern type of Cane Corso.??Of course, today these breeds have acquired a lot of differences, predominantly due to the rapid evolution of the Mastino Napoletano.??Processes that occur in both breeds can be compared with those that occurred in the development of the British Bulldog: a working type that has been preserved in the southern USA (now - an American Bulldog) and the English Bulldog - the decorative line in his development can be considered a classic example of the idea, brilliantly brought??to the absurd (judge for yourself - it's apparently "the most Bulldog out of all Bulldogs", but thanks to this the dog is almost unable to perform any "Bulldog's" service, and, moreover, unable to produce their own kind without assistance).

Fortunately, the Cane Corso has avoided the vagaries of fashion and the addiction to the external forms, so to this day this breed has kept a rare combination of high working qualities and a harmony of composition.??This is a beautiful and purposeful animal free of the decorative frills, with many close species, that have been transformed from the biological structures to some??architectural??elements.??In this??breed the hereditary defects of the structure, reducing the working abilities, are not so common.??Like a Pit Bull, the gladiators of northern Italy have saved some variability of the exterior types.??However, the Cane Corso from the professional kennels are more of the same type than the farm dogs.??The modern Cane Corso is still remarkably similar to the ancient Alan, from which they inherited not only the appearance but also the legendary steadfastness and fearlessness.

Cane corso dog breeds

General Features: Indeed, Cane Corso is making the intimidating impression only by his looks.??This is a huge, powerful dog with strong bones and clearly seen muscles, with a large heavy head and a ??jaws "made of steel".??It is distinguished by a very good health and the herculean strength.??

Colors: black, gray, fawn, red, brindle (the last three - with the black mask) - in all colors the small white markings on the chest are allowed.??Cane Corso belongs to the Mastiff group, but has some undeniable advantages, he is much more mobile, "dry", and hardy. As this breed appeared by natural means, it does not suffer from any genetic diseases (dysplasia, heart disease, etc.).??Cane Corso has amazing agility, swiftness and plastics.

His movements are similar to the movements of the panther.??And just as easily, as he overcomes a height of three meters, Cane Corso is able to jump onto the tree or the ladder, or to slip into any gap.??Characteristic gait - a wide trot, turning into a gallop.

Temperament: Cane Corso is one of the rarest and the most expensive dogs in the world.??This breed is very often associated with the Sicilian Mafia.

Cane Corso is very popular and, according to the experts, is rapidly moving towards the peak of his fame.??Nowadays there is an??active export of Cane Corso from Italy to the United States, Canada, Austria and many other European countries, where the dogs of this breed are used to protect offices, elite bars and restaurants, jewelry stores, luxury shops, private houses and apartments.

But the heroic appearance of this dog is not the only valuable point of the breed - first of all it is, of course, the working qualities.??The main purpose of Cane Corso - protection of the owner and his property.??Cane Corso will never retreat before the danger. This dog??is able to think, assess the situation, catch on the fly the thoughts of his owner, and if necessary take an independent decisions.??When visitors come to the house, there is no need to put Cane Corso on a chain or hide behind the "seven locks" - this dog will not attack without a serious reason or the command of the owner.

Even the beginner may easily cope with the education and training of Cane Corso. This??dog has a wonderful nervous system, balanced mind and a great ability to learn.??This formidable and fierce guardian is always surprisingly tender and gentle with "his" people.??Cane Corso is extremely loyal and obedient to his master and the worst thing for this dog is his owner's displeasure and anger.??If the owner will only raise his voice - this dog will immediately??express the absolute obedience. Cane Corso are very well known for their non-dominant nature.

Cane Corso loves children, sometimes even allowing them any pranks and mischief.??Perfectly aware of his power and abilities, this giant will never push or drop a baby in the heat of joy, he literally is trying not to breathe, protecting the baby and can not afford to make any sudden movements.

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Good health, unpretentiousness in food, well-balanced character, discipline and cleanliness - the short coat of Cane Corso does not require any special care - all this without any problems??allows??to keep your dog in a country house or a city apartment.??Cane Corso are not cocky, and not quarrelsome with their own kind, and in the house he would appreciate any new friend - whether it will be a dog, a cat or even a parrot.

During the walk there is no need to be in constant tension, with properly raised up Cane Corso you can relax, even if a dog is without a leash.??Cane Corso is very noble, he would not provoke a fight in every way and try to get away from any "argument".??Well, if he has to face the fight - he will. His power is horrible, and the teeth - if you please!??Any Cane Corso in any dog's company is always a recognized leader and without unnecessary bloodshed.

Rating of Cane Corso is very high.??Specialists in one voice are predicting a boom of popularity for this breed, considering it as the most promising and fashionable in the near future.??In Italy, the Cane Corso today already is so popular that it can be compared with the popularity of the Mastino Napoletano.

However, there is concern that to meet the huge demand, and for the sake of a profit, some dog breeders will not follow the standard strictly.??Therefore, the development of the breed in Italy is under the constant and strict control.??Each litter is carefully inspected. All purebred??puppies, suitable for pedigree use, are entered into a computer.??They have a??tattoo??and the proper pedigree.??Not typical and not purebred puppies are rejected and they do not receive the relevant documents and are not allowed to be bred.

Health problems: Cane Corso is in general surprisingly healthy breed. However, some dogs of this breed may suffer from bone and joint problems.

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