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FCI # 6, Origin: Great Britain, Group 7.2 Pointing Dogs. British and Irish Pointers and Setters.

Height: 23-27 in, Weight: 45-80 pounds

Grooming: Medium, Shedding: High, Coat: Long, flat, silky.

Color: Black and tan.

Ease of training: High, Energy level: Medium, Span of life: 10-12 years.

Breed: Scottish Setter (Gordon) got his name in honor of his breeder and founder of the breed - Alexander the Duke of Gordon.??The breed??comes from Scotland and therefore is called a Scottish setter.

The original Scottish setter was heavy, sluggish dog with an innate passion for tracing the footsteps that it is preserved by his ancestors scenthounds, or crossings with the Bloodhounds.

The same is the origin of Gordon Setter's red markings, which in no case did not not occur, as many assume, from the crossing with an Irish Setter.??Despite his comparatively greater massiveness, the Gordon Setter - from all the British Setters - has the makings of the greatest all-round hunting work: he is able to search for the game in the field and to work in the woods, to follow the game, to work on a blood trail, as well as to work in the water.

In the manuscripts of 1776 were found the first references to the "bird dogs" that were stalking the fowl in the hunt with nets, and then this dogs had to sit down at a certain distance, almost lay down, indicating the direction for the hunter - where to find the hidden bird, that's why they were called "Setting Dog", or briefly??"the Setter".

By the end of the XVIII century there already could be found a black and white setters with brown markings.??As a result of crossing the Irish Setter, the Bloodhound, Black Labrador Retriever and even Collie, in 1860 the Gordon Setter was formed with the appearance, as we know it today.

For a long time this breed was called the Scottish Setter, and only in 1924 it got it's present name.??Setter Gordon is considered the largest and the strongest Setter, also he has perhaps the most pronounced instinct for hunting among all other breeds of Setters.

Best of all the Gordon Setter manages to work in the field, where he displays a great stamina while stalking the game with the top flair.??In addition, Setter Gordon is able to raise the bird on the wing, to hunt in the bushes and look for the wounded game in the field and in the woods.

He willingly goes into the water and brings out the game to the hunter.??With the proper training the Gordon Setter is a versatile and reliable hunting dog.??However, Gordon Setter is very much appreciated as a family dog: he has a balanced and friendly character, lively temperament and responds well to the training.

General Features: Gordon Setter is rather large, sturdy black-and-tan dog, well muscled, with the strong bones, but active and stylish in appearance with his whole appearance expressing the ability to work all day in the field. This Setter has a strong back and a little shortened back, well-detailed edges and a short tail. His head is quite heavy. His manner is intelligent, noble and majestic, with no signs of shyness or resentment. Coat has a deep rich color, straight or slightly wavy.

The Gordon Setter embodies the strength and endurance rather than speed. Free in the movements, he keeps his head high while moving.

Gordon Setter dog breeds

Brave, strong, free gallop is very common in Gordon Setters. The head is held high and tail constantly raised. When viewed from the front legs move up and down in a straight line, so that the shoulder, elbow and wrist are connected in almost a straight line. When viewed from the rear - the hind legs move in a straight line. The legs do not turn inward and do not evert. Overall impression of a smooth motion, with a well balanced rhythm, pleasing to the eye, effortless, economical and harmonious.

Temperament: Scottish Setter is very attached to his owner - this is a dog that will spend his life lying at your feet. Both:??the hunters, and just dog lovers are attracted to Gordon Setter because of his dedication, that made him not only an excellent pointing dog, but also the perfect companion dog.??He is very smart, intelligent and always willing to be helpful, cheerful, friendly. Gordon Setter feels himself best in the family.??He is usually closely monitoring the owner, always ready to lend a paw of support.??Obedience, good manners and good nature, combined with a beautiful aristocratic good looks make Gordon Setter a universal favorite.

Gordon Setter is a very intelligent breed, and despite the fact that by nature he is sociable, and his soul is open to the whole world, in some situations he may become virtually invisible, if he will feel that people are not ready to communicate with him right now.??It is unobtrusive and wise dog.??By the way, at the same time as you study the Gordon Setter, in turn, he makes his own opinion about you.??And if he came to the conclusion that he loves you - look out! The roles may be easily changed, because soon he fully gets hold of your heart and becomes the master of your thoughts and actions.??You will not even notice, how you will change for the sake of attaining perfection in a relationship with your four-legged companion for a full match to him - such a beautiful, loyal and loving partner.??Keep this in mind that if you can not get Gordon Setter to obey only by the force of your personality and deserved respect to you - then this breed is not for you.??After all, the Scottish Setter - is an intellectual person with whom you can not communicate exclusively from the position of strength, he prefers partnerships on an equal footing, and thanks to the mild disposition of this wonderful dog you will not worry that Gordon Setter will take over the house.

Gordon Setters were always a domestic dogs, they were never kept in kennels, so they are perfectly suited and get along well in our apartments.??Although, of course, what Gordon Setter refuses to own a country cottage with a large plot of land!??But for the sake of fairness it should be noted that, probably, similar conditions would be ideal not only for almost any breed of dog, but also for their owners...

Anyone who understands the animals and had ever dreamed of having a dog can be a wonderful owner and the best friend for the Gordon Setter.??But at the same time be aware and take into the account some features of his character.??Gordon Setter needs to communicate, he does not like being left alone and can not be excluded from the family life.He needs a sufficiently long walks and field trips, and in conjunction with the active communication and contact with the owner.??Gordon Setter is incredibly fond of walking and working, so it is very good and useful to give this dog some regular exercises.??If you live in the city, try at least once a week to take your Gordon Setter to the woods or to the park, for him to have plenty of outdoor activities. ??Such walks will certainly strengthen the immune system and for a long time charge with the positive energy, not only your dog, but also yourself.

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A natural question that arises in many people, thinking to have the Gordon Setter: Do I have to hunt with him?

If you purchase this dog not for hunting, but simply "for the soul" - as a companion, family dog, or as a show dog to participate in the exhibitions, it is not so bad for Gordon. His health will not suffer from that, it's perfectly normal for him to live just as a cute pet, and no one will force the owners to urgently buy a gun and start firing at all living things that fly around. However, if you intend to have a full understanding and life "as one soul" with your Gordon Setter, if you're willing to do something for the dog, then try to give him a chance to express himself in hunting, for which he was actually bred. To do this, you just have to take him to the fields, teach him to work properly on the game. You will open for your dog a wonderful world of fields, meadows, marshes and forests. You will see him in a new way and respect him even more than ever. To observe the work competently delivered by the Gordon Setter is a great fun, such Setters are strikingly different from those "dunce" that selflessly chase pigeons in the courtyard.

In fact, it is not at all difficult to prepare the Gordon Setter for the field work. You must work out some basic commands (which, incidentally, are also very useful to control the dog in the city), moderately train him physically (which always benefits the young dog), and to make it absolutely forbidden to chase an inappropriate game - crows, sparrows and cats (this is very bad for the training and even may be dangerous in an urban environment). It will be useful to read some good books and talk with smart people, but do not forget that no one knows your dog better than you.??Gradually you will gain your own experience and you will be able to work independently with your Gordon Setter, perfecting each other.

Health problems: Generally the Gordon Setter is a quite healthy breed. Still in some lines this dogs are prone to the hip dysplasia and some eye problems.

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