Miniature Pinscher general features, temperament, health

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FCI # 185, Origin: Germany, Group 2.1 Pinscher and Schnauzer Type.

Height: 10-12 in, Weight: 8-10 pounds

Grooming: Low, Shedding: Medium, Coat: Short, shining, without undercoat.

Color: Black and tan, brown and tan.

Ease of training: High, Energy level: High,??Span of life: 10-13 years.

Breed: The history of a Miniature Pinscher goes back to the middle of the 15 th century. For his??existence, according to some versions, he should be grateful to the Scandinavian dogs living on the shores of the Baltic Sea and in the lake district of Switzerland since immemorial time.

Also, there is a speculation that Pinscher as a breed formed in the area of W??rttemberg, where he played the role of universal dog: guard at the farm, the horror for rodents, and sometimes the hunter.??Whatever it was, but there is no reliable sources from which we could learn about the origin of the breed.
Dexterity of a Pinscher in catching rats, his stamina, plus the dedication and rare flair and hearing, attracted the attention of the owners of coaches and Pinschers were??hired to serve.

A little later, all varieties of a Pinscher were given their own names. Miniature smooth haired Pinschers (or Zwerg-Pinschers) are mentioned in the middle of a XIX century.??A further third of a century later, in 1870, Frederick Doberman bred in Thuringia, a dog, which will carry his name - the Doberman.

Miniature Pinscher since the beginning of the twentieth century is a dog of the urban environment.??Ernest Kniss from Leipzig from the very beginning leads the breeding of a Miniature Pinschers.

Between 1900 and 1920's, they appeared in the United States to become one of the first breeds of German dogs that have taken root there.??The Second World War will cause an obvious damage to the German livestock.??After the Second World War breeding of a Miniature Pinschers again rapidly resumed.

Nowadays the Zwerg Pinscher is one of the most beloved and popular breeds in European countries and in America. The number of Pinschers in all countries is growing rapidly, perhaps, the reason is in the comfort of living with the small smooth haired dogs, but most likely the true sourse of such popularity lies in the Pinscher's personality.

General Features: The Miniature Pinscher is a small, proportioned, compact and elegant dog that looks like a little fawn. Due to the short hair Pinscher is perfect for keeping in a city apartment. He is neat, cheerful, agile and alert. A distinctive feature is his peculiar style of movement - the dancing movements, or so-called "ballet trot" with high-lifted front legs, that is reminding of a circus horse. Attentiveness and composure allow him to perfectly perform the duties of a family friend and caretaker of the house.

Miniature Pinscher dog breeds

The coat of a Miniature Pinscher is short, dense, straight and tight, shiny, moderately stiff, with no undercoat. Color is black and tan and brown and tan. There must be two spots on the chest in the shape of triangles, vertices facing each other, or the general assembly in the form of mutually interconnected triangles. Head of a Miniature Pinscher is slightly elongated, wedge-shaped, narrow in proportion to the dog. Muzzle is strong, somewhat pointed. Cropped ears - small, high and wide-set, sharp, erect. Eyes very dark, sparkling, medium size. The neck is set high and well muscled. The tail is high set, docking is optional. Movements are light, elegant and graceful.

Temperament: What do you imagine when you here the word "Pinscher"???If it is a trembling little dog with bulging eyes on the slender legs, flopping in hysterics even from one sight of close passing dog, then you are absolutely wrong.??This is another "legend" of the dog world.??Zwergpinscher is a small, brave dog, which, despite his small size is not defenseless.??Dodging a good bite and strong teeth - are a serious weapon.??If someone wants to harm the owner, Pinscher would rush at the offender before he has time to do something.??He used to do things quickly, but in any case not mindlessly. This dog has no recklessness.??Courage of a Pinscher - is a sober assessment of their strength, mobility and mental health.

Zwergpinscher is a compact bodyguard, with him you will not be not afraid to go home after the party, for example, in a taxi.??In addition, a Miniature Pinscher can scare the thief out of the apartment. For his??fighting character Mickey Rourke's MinPin passed for the most vicious dog in Los Angeles.

Zwerg Pinscher - is an energetic dog with a bright personality that brightens up every day, but sometimes he may be a little bit annoying. He may be??noisy, because he is passionate, he can be impatient, but only from the fact that the ebullient energy needs output.??He lives breathless, but a voice of reason never fades in a MinPin.??He is intelligent and sober in all things.??In chilly and windy weather, he does not want to leave home in order to relieve himself, but if he sees that you have gathered courage to go out, he will surely pop up on the street under a cold rain and with the light-hearted determination will shuffle through the puddles.??He is not one of those who climb into the jaws of a lion, but if necessary, the Miniature Pinscher will invent a smart way to annoy even him.??About himself the Zwergpinscher knows what he is perfectly composed, indefatigable, frisky and impetuous, boasts strong jaws, strong teeth, strong character and steadfast cheerfulness.??If he had to retreat, then he does it with dignity and without prejudice to his ego.

Zwergpinscher is suspicious with strangers, energetic, inquisitive, funny and fearless.??He will run away from the locked doors if he want to satisfy his curiosity and his need to indulge in activity.

Zwergpinscher is a dog with a strong nervous system, a great appetite and a great potential for training.??One of the best and fastest??agility??dogs is a Miniature Pinscher.

Miniature Pinscher dog breed photo

Zwergpinscher is constantly concerned about his sense of duty and the thirst for action.??His motto - energy and intelligence.??He is very smart.??He is able for a rapid reactions, but it is not a stupid fussiness, but a quick work of intelligence and the ability to immediately make a decision.??The only drawback of these amazing dogs - Zwergpinschers may be very dominant.??Even if there are some larger animals in the house, the MinPin will still be a chief.??How does he do it - nobody knows. He is dealing with the other dogs in a very??aristocratic manner - without hysterics and heart-rending barking: Pinschers generally don't bark very often. By the standard the character of a Miniature Pinscher is described as "lively, energetic, confident and balanced."??These qualities often lead to the problems with the unsuspecting newbies because??despite his size Pincher is not a "coach potato".??With excessive love and forgiveness of the owner he may become a tyrant and would "smash" the whole house if there is something he does not like.??In short, a Miniature Pinscher is not for everyone.??Therefore, although Zwergpinscher is called a King of miniature dogs, he must learn from an early age that he is not the King of the House.

The owner of a??Pinscher should seriously deal with his education, patiently and skillfully direct his inexhaustible temperament in the right direction, ??then Pinscher will serve with zeal and selflessness.??Working with Zwergpinschers should be constant, consistent, persistent and at the same time gentle.??Abuse, along with the "over compassion": "he's so small and I can not punish him" equally lead to unsatisfactory results.??Once the dog understands that he can fool his owner with the plaintive look and beg indulgence, he will be using it constantly.??This dog is extremely confident and if he will understand that you are weaker than him - he may go out of control.??On the other hand, the Zwergpinscher is an incorrigible "clown" and the best reward for him - the laughter of people around, so do not be surprised if your Pinscher will try to entertain your friends.??If you have no sense of humor, it's better not to purchase a Zwergpinscher.

The agility of a Zwergpinscher is admirable.??Any??obstacles??in the training club, he will study quickly and easily.??At home, he easily climbs on furniture, tables and windowsills, so during a time when you can not control him it is better to limit his movements or remove from the surface all fragile items, as well as birds and rodents.

Despite his small size, the Zwergpinscher has wonderful bones and muscles, he retains the essence of character of strong dogs, not a pampered dwarf. He is always ready for a variety of tricks.??He was deprived of nervousness and hysteria inherent in some of his little brothers of other breeds, he is not shy effete aristocrat, but just a simple and funny guy, who will share all his joys and sorrows with his owner.??He may also suffer from the irrepressible energy of small children, but at the same time for the teenagers he will make the best companion in games and walks.

Due to the bright appearance and type of aristocrat he was a favorite of sales in recent years.??Caring for Pinschers is pretty easy: short hair almost does not fade, so that you will not worry about the carpets and sofas.??Pincher himself can not stand the dirt, but do not wash him often, it can dry the skin, better wipe him with a damp cloth.??Zwergpinschers rarely get sick and do not require a greenhouse conditions - with him you can walk safely, even in freezing weather.??Sporty character of a Pinscher and his love for games and entertainment will please the city dweller who likes outdoor activities.

Zwergpinscher, bought from a professional kennel is a well-socialized and healthy dog.??Self-respecting breeder will tell the buyer everything about housing, feeding and training a puppy and at any time will be ready to help.??Breeding of a Zwergpinschers is not an easy task and only the best representatives of this magnificent breed are allowed to be bred.

Health problems: In general the Zwergpinscher is a very healthy breed.

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