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FCI # 75, Origin: Great Britain, Group 3.2 Terriers. Small-sized Terriers.

Height: average of 10 in, Weight: 25-40 pounds

Grooming: High, Shedding: Medium, Coat: Double coat with the softer undercoat.

Color: Solid black, blue, grey, fawn, creme and silver.

Ease of training: Medium, Energy level: Medium, Span of life: 12-16 years.

Breed: Skye terrier is a breed of dogs with many centuries of history. First known references are from the time of the Roman conquest of Britain.

His name the Skye Terrier received in 18 century by the Isle of Skye. In the ancient time this island was called Ellean Cheo, which means "Misty Isle" and it is indeed named properly because the source of the appearance of this breed on the islands is hidden in the mists of time. There was no serious breeding, in the modern understanding of this process, before the end of 18 century.The pioneers of the breed in this difficult matter were Scottish clans: MacLeod, MacDonald, MacKinnon, and some other well-known families. The Scottish aristocracy was something special in the sense of Europe: there was no pomposity and pretentiousness in the behavior and the castles could hardly be termed "the aristocratic housing." They were more of the citadels. And the "heads" of the clans lived on the fairly common conditions, with the other people.

According to the memoirs the Sky Terriers were "aristocrats" among the other dogs - they were not kept with the other dogs in kennels, but only in the homes and castles of noblemen. According to the testimony of Lady Alice McDonald in one of the family castles were found some written evidences, dated by 14 century, with the description of the breed: "Let your Sky be 9-inch in shoulders standing, 2.5 times of this in length. Tail by the length is equal to the growth and head for half an inch smaller. Lower fur (undercoat) the same soft as wool. The upper cover (guard hairs) is similar to the mane of a pony. With brown eyes, close-set and attentive, strong in the jaws and teeth, has a keen sense of smell and mind. He attacks his enemy like a winged arrow. Treat him gently, like a best friend. Prefer him more than other pets, and he will not know anyone, but his owner, will not listen to anyone else's orders. He will guard your bed when it's empty, and carry a vigil on your grave."

In the second half of the 16 century Bishop Ross describes: "... a shaggy dog with short legs, really, like a snake gets into any holes, and fearlessly brings the foxes, badgers, martens and wild cats."

Around the same time doctors Joheynn Caius, a physician of the royal court, owner of Gonville College and Caius (Cambridge University), wrote: "the lapdog, who came from the northern barbarian possessions, has a long body, entirely covered with long hair, and a strange character: they can not be a single moment without their masters, serving them as a gentle comforter and permanent bodyguard at the same time. "

??In the mid-19 th century, after traveling to the northern borders of Britain, Mr. Richardson wrote that "the terrier from the west of the Hebrides should be recognized by his appearance and long, coarse hair". ??Mr. Richardson describes in his ??Book of dogs?? the one with the long body, short legs, with long straight hair and says that Skye Terrier got his name form the Isle of Skye.

The popular edition of 19 th century ??Book of home pets?? (from 1862) is describing ??Sky Terrier, as the only breed of dogs, which is the ancestor of all Scottish terriers. Skye Terriers have been loved and popular and the nobles were eager to keep them in their possessions. In 1828, Lord MacDonald, who lived on the Isle of Skye, had approximately 100 Skye Terriers in his castle!

Mary the Queen of Scots, known for her tragic fate, returning to her homeland, was captivated by the Queen Elizabeth I. She spent in captivity about 19 years. She was betrayed by all, except her favorite ??Skye Terrier.He was the only one who shared her captivation, the dog was a comfort to Mary, along with the pigeons, which flew at her window. "My only pleasure" - so she announced to everyone - "is this cute dog who is always with me". Little Sky was the favorite of the Queen. Mary Queen of Scots was executed in the morning on Feb. 8, 1587. The dog was locked at the time of execution, but he struggled and howled piteously, anticipating the death of his mistress. A faithful dog at the last moment pulled out and with the plaintive howl was crawling around her body. He was taken away by one of the maids of honor, but he pined, refused to eat and died from the heart failure.

Skye Terrier dog breeds

Loyalty of Sky Terriers has become a household word. Many representatives of this breed were overcoming hardship and adversity with their owners until the end. One dog of this breed named Bobby became known, because after the death of his owner, he visited the grave for 14 years. Thanks to the writing talent of an English lady this incident became worldwide famous. By this book there was made a featured film by the Walt Disney Studios in 1961.

The Queen Victoria of Great Britain as we know, became a fancier of Skye Terriers since 1842, which coincides with her first visit to Scotland with Prince Albert and boundless love for all Scottish. Queen Victoria had a great loving heart and she had a lot of animals in her possession. But the Skye Terrier has become that special friend and colleague, which could not be given by her surroundings. She was almost always accompanied by one or more dogs. Even to the public councils and meetings she was coming with her Sky Terrier, which is quite beyond the scope of etiquette. Unchanged favorite of the Queen, as they say, was a small dog named Boz, who was her constant companion and was always at her feet. Queen Victoria had several Skye Terriers through her life. The Duke of Argyll, as is known, gave her two Sky Terriers, and her most famous dog, "Rona II??, came from the Rev. Rosslyn Bruce.

Queen Victoria was seriously fascinated by Skye Terriers and the breed became almost instantly a favorite of high society in England. Her interest in Skye terriers has made them widely known throughout the world. This dogs were kept as companions by many aristocrats of the time. The most notable families in Europe with the great love were maintaining the kennels and finally they became the most eminent and illustrious progenitors of a number of the very best lines of these dogs in the world. For example, the Countess of Aberdeen had an impressive kennel in the county of Aberdeen. Mrs. W.I. Hugnes (kennel Wolverley) was at that time very popular, as a breeder and a great admirer of the Sky Terriers. One of her dogs named ??Wolverley Chummie?? became the champion of England 31 times.This record has not been defeated by anyone!

Crown Princess Cecilia Austrian with no less pleasure was breeding Skye Terriers and the lines of these dogs without any difficulties we will be able to detect in the pedigrees of many European dogs.

By the highest command of Queen Victoria in 1842, Sky Terriers became a separated breed, their standard was written, and since that time it was practically unchanged.

General Features: Skye terrier - a graceful, dignified, agile and powerful dog with strong bones and tight muscles. Long, stocky and straight - body length is twice the height at the withers. Skye Terrier is covered with abundant thick hair, falling on both sides of the body. He has an oval chest. The long hair on his head closes the front of the eyes, protecting the dog from the thorny branches of shrubs and undergrowth, as well as from collisions with other animals. He stands with his head held high and lowered long tail. He moves without apparent effort. Has a strong body, limbs and jaws.

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The ideal height at withers: males - 25 cm, females - 24 cm. Based on these dimensions, the body length of a 25-centimeter-dog, measured from humeroscapular joint to the point of buttock should be 50 cm. An ideal ratio of length to body height at the withers - 2:1.

Temperament: The nature of Skye Terrier is something special. He does not admit any familiarity. And by himself is not "easy-going" with anyone. He avoids the intrusive attention by showing his big teeth. However, sometimes even his owner is not too "spoiled" by Sky Terrier's affection. This is just a reminder that any communication with the dog like that can not take place just accidentally. His pride would not allow him to ask for attention very often. He is not inclined to obey even to the owner, but in the communicating on an equal grasp, the Sky Terrier is "catching everything on the fly", performing the request of his beloved man. He does not accept any mistreatment, he is almost unnoticeable in the house, clearly knows his place (without reminders), welcoming his owner just with the lightly swinging of ??luxuriously feathered tail. Skye Terrier is cold and suspicious with the strangers, subtly recognizes people, forcing everyone to reckon with his perception of the world.

By devotion and loyalty to his owner the Skye Terrier can not be overemphasized. The Skye Terrier Bobby, who lived 14 years on the grave of his master became the most famous dog of Scotland.

People of Edinburgh loved him very much, and the mayor ordered to give this dog a collar with an honorary inscription of security - as a license for life. Bobby died of old age, and residents of the city at their own expenses erected a monument in the form of a fountain with the inscription: "Skye Terrier Bobby - the most loyal dog in the world."

The originality of a Skye Terrier is not only in his eccentric nature and the mythical appearance of the little Faun, but also in the aura of dreams. It seems he was born to remind us of the old legends and fairy tales. Little ideal companion for an evening walk in the woods where you can meet the Forestry elfs in a thicket of silver valley...

Health problems: Generally the Skye Terriers are very healthy.

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