Cesky Terrier (Bohemian Terrier) general features, temperament, health

Cesky Terrier dog breed face

FCI # 246, Origin: Czech Republic, Group 3.2 Terriers. Small-sized Terriers.

Height: 10-13 in, Weight: 13-23 pounds

Grooming: High, Shedding: Low, Coat: Long, silky, wavy coat.

Color: All shades of gray or cocoa color (puppies are born very dark).

Ease of training: High, Energy level: High, Span of life: 13-15 years.

Breed: The Cesky (or Bohemian) Terrier was bred in Czechoslovakia after the Second World War. It was created by Frantisek Horak from Klanovits (near Prague) approximately in 1948. The idea of ??????a Bohemian Terrier came to Fratisek Horak back in the days when he was a successful breeder of Scottish Terriers. He wanted to get a dog that would not need too much of a special grooming, would be short-legged, would be fast and easy to train and at the same time sufficiently angry for the beast, possessing all the valuable qualities of a real Terrier. The Scottish Terriers, whom he was breeding and with whom he was hunting, had a lot of difficulties, while trying to penetrate the narrow fox burrows.

Therefore, Frantisek Horak decided, that the future breed should have some certain measurements, that would not disturb the dog form working in the narrow burrows. After preliminary theoretical research, he have chosen to cross two most suitable breeds, namely, the Scottish Terrier and the Sealyham Terrier, and that's how he began his work. In ten years, Frantisek Horak created a new breed, different from both of the original ancestors, and called it "the Bohemian Terrier". The standard of a Bohemian Terrier, along with the standards of the Cesky Fousek and the Slovensky Kopov, were submitted to the International Canine Federation, which adopted them in 1968.

Almost fifteen years later the breeders of the Bohemian Terrier once again added to him a blood of a Sealyham Terrier to give the existing livestock the original type of a Terrier that was lost during the years of breeding.

To the United States the Bohemian Terrier first came in 1987, and already in 1993 in America there were more than 150 representatives of this breed. Nowadays the Bohemian Terrier may be called a rare breed - it is not that often to meet this dogs at the Dog Shows.

Cesky Terrier is a handsome, unpretentious dog, which in addition to his stylish and elegant appearance has also preserved an excellent hunting qualities. Hardy and active, this dog needs to be provided with regular long walks. These dogs rarely get sick, they are not picky with the food and they get along very well with children and other animals of the house.

General Features: The Bohemian Terrier, thanks to his convenient size and his hunting abilities has a good preconditions for the successful burrowing work on fox and badger and he may also be used for hunting stations on the surface. His short legs do not prevent him from being mobile and tireless, while chasing a game. At a meeting with the foxes and badgers, he is spiteful and persistent, and at the same time, not unreasonably aggressive. The obedience of a Cesky Terrier and his devotion to his owner are very well known, so this dog makes a wonderful companion for children and it is very easy to keep the Cesky Terrier in the city apartment. His distinctive feature is the beautiful coat of a pastel colors with a silky shine.

The Bohemian Terrier is a short-legged dog of extended format with a well-developed bones and muscles.

Cesky Terrier dog breeds

The height of the Bohemian Terrier at the withers is 25-32 cm, weight 10.6 kg. Ideal height for males - 29 cm with the body length - 43 cm, for females, respectively, 27 and 40 cm. The movements of a Cesky Terrier are free, vigorous, straightforward. His long head is slightly tapering towards his nose, with the slightly drooping snout, because of the bangs slightly curved in profile. Nose, eyelids and lips in the gray Cesky Terriers are black and in brown - liver. Eyes of the Cesky Terrier are deep-set, of medium size, in the gray dogs - dark brown in color and in the brown dogs - light brown. Ears are triangular in shape, of medium size, close to the cheeks. The body of a Cesky Terrier is elongated, his tail is set low and has a saber shape.

Coat of a Cesky Terrier is wavy, thick, silky and quite long. Requires clipping. The mustache, beard, as well as the "skirt" - long hair on the legs and lower torso are usually left long. Color of the Bohemian terrier: blue-gray or brown color of a ripe cocoa. White, yellow or red markings may take up to 20% of the coat, but the main color should predominate.

Temperament: The Bohemian Terrier is a small dog with the silky shiny coat that shimmers with all possible shades of metallic color and always attracts a lot of attention. And if we add to this remarkable appearance, an intelligent and docile nature, we will certainly get a great companion for the whole family.

Cesky Terrier - is an extremely friendly dog ??????small enough by size to stay in a city apartment and enough sporty to be a great addition to the active family.

Cesky Terrier loves to curl up on the couch at home just to be as close as possible to his beloved master. He always have a very touching bonds with the owner and is ready to follow him absolutely everywhere. He will be waiting on the rug near the bathroom while you taking a shower, or running to the door as soon as you remove the keys from the pocket, going to your house.

The Bohemian Terrier loves his whole entire family, but often chooses one man to whom he will be most attached. Despite that fact, that he tend to be just a homebody, Cesky Terrier is always ready to make for you a great company in all your affairs. He will be happy to accompany you on your walk with children, or swim with you in the pond.

Cesky Terrier is a great dog for the apartment life: he is obedient, balanced, quite gentle and he takes up a little space. And his beautiful, silky coat, though it certainly requires regular care and haircuts, practically does not shed. And no one can deny that it is very important for life in the apartment!

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The Bohemian Terrier is always cheerful. He might be suspicious with strangers, but not aggressively. Most of the Cesky Terriers are distinguished with a very good memory. If they like someone, they will always remember this person, and will always be happy to meet him. Distrustful of outsiders, this dogs are very attached to the whole family and family friends.

Cesky Terrier gets along just perfect with the other pets in the house. He is non-conflicting. Cesky Terrier most likely will not pick a dog fight by himself, but if he is attacked - he will fight back without any fear and doubting.

This cheerful and funny Terrier with an unusual appearance is very comical. Sometimes, looking at the Bohemian Terrier, you may ask yourself: "Is there a little monkey under that silky coat?"

Cesky Terrier is very unpretentious in food. This dogs were bred in the postwar years, when people did not have much to spoil their dogs, sometimes it was even difficult to feed them properly. These dogs were supposed to feed themselves and their owners!

Therefore, their hunting abilities were among the most important demands to the breed.

The modern Cesky Terrier by his exterior went really far from those "curly lambs" of the first litters. Today he is a neat elegant dog.

With all this beautiful coat, the Cesky Terrier does not leave in the house mountains of fallen hair. He just needs to be frequently and carefully brushed.

Most of the Bohemian Terriers are very fond of children and ready to run and play all day long with their little companions. Whistling toys and food - are also their weaknesses.

With any water procedures, regarding the Cesky Terrier, you should be more careful. Despite his love for water, Cesky should not be allowed to swim a great distance from the owner. Because of the fumishings, that are left quite long especially in the show-dogs, Cesky may not have enough strength to return back!

The first haircut Cesky Terrier puppy should??receive??at the age of 1.5-2 months. This is necessary for the formation of the correct beautiful coat. Then the puppy must have his coat clipped at the intervals of 1.5-2 months, but the hair on his legs and abdomen should be left to grow.

After every haircut the coat of a Bohemian Terrier puppy may slightly change it's color. Anyway, the color will be finally formed in Cesky Terrier by two years of age.

Health problems: The Cesky Terrier is a quite healthy breed. Some dogs of this breed may suffer from Scottie Cramp Syndrome.

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