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FCI # 44, Origin: France, Group 1.1 Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs.

Height: 24-27,5 in, Weight: up to 110 pounds

Grooming: Medium, Shedding: Medium, Coat: Short and harsh with the soft undercoat.

Color: black and tan, Harlequin.

Ease of training: Medium, Energy level: Medium, Span of life: 10-12 years.

Breed: Beauceron (shepherd dog from Beauce) is considered one of the oldest breeds of French dogs. As in the opinion of naturalists of XVIII century - Buffon, Linnaeus, Cuvier, and according to the livestock experts of the XIX century - Corneven, Megnin, Dechambre - this dog comes in a straight line from the famous ancient dog, who lived in the Stone Age and it is exactly these dogs are the ancestors of most modern Shepherds.

In the XVII century most of the authors mentioned Sheepdogs without any further specifications. The first detailed evidence was published in 1809 in the "Guide to Agriculture" by Abbe Rozier.

Abbe gives us the first description of a dog, that was, probably, the ancestor of Beauceron: "These qualities are found in guard dogs with a thick and stiff hair, black eyes and black noses, with dark red lips, with a heavy head, wide forehead, long neck and big paws."

Do not think that the two species, which were mentioned by the holy father, at that time were already committed. But it is obvious that some kind of practical breeding was already happening, and led eventually to the emergence of two different dogs: long-haired, who was accompanying the herd, and the other - short-haired, who served as a guard and protector of the sheep.

It would not be right to assume that the Beauceron's birthplace is Beauce. ??The name of this breed first appeared from the pen of Pierre Megnin, the founder of the newspaper "The Breeder", who just wanted to somehow mark the difference between the two friends who lived by the way, in both regions: in Beauce and in Brie. But because one of these dogs for a long time already has been called " the Sheepdog of Brie" (Briard - French - long-haired sheepdog), it felt more comfortable to christen another Shepherd as a "Shepherd of the Beauce" - Beauceron.

This "ceremony" took place in January 1896, when a special commission was collected to determine the characteristics of these two breeds. At the turn of the century, not all Beaucerons were the same - black and tan. Many of them were of the solid colors: gray, black or reddish. Under the influence of dog lovers, the first breeders preferred a black dog with red tan, which was called the "red bottom". In our time, this color is a main color for this breed, every year 3,800 puppies are born with that color.

With regard to Harlequins (30-50 registrations per year), then with respect to their roots, opinions diverge. Many argue that they have always existed in the form in which we know them today. This is a mistake! Many facts tell us that this type has appeared just recently.

Beauceron does not depend on the whims of fashion, this dog is a constant value, reasonably secured by the ongoing selection policy. As a result, there is achieved an excellent uniformity of a livestock, refusals to register are very rare. If to the uniformity of the exterior you will add a fairly stable character, it becomes clear that this breed will safely step over the edge of a second millennium.

Beauceron dog breeds

Among the fans of these dogs there are several celebrities. Among them - the French writer Colette, who had many black and tan Beaucerons, the brightest representatives of this breed - sensible, smart Shepherds and noble companions.

In addition to his old profession of a herding dog, Beauceron acquired since then many new specialties. The army uses them as trackers, guards, experts on explosive devices, messengers or connectors. The police often resort to their help when it is needed to find injured or missing people.

General Features: By the general appearance Beauceron resembles a Doberman. The dog is large and muscular, but not massive. The head of a Beauceron is long with a flat or slightly convex skull. The chest is deep and wide; back is straight, croup slightly rounded. Legs of a Beauceron are straight, well muscled and boned. On the hind legs - double dewclaws. The tail is not docked. Coat is smooth, tight, with undercoat. Color - black and tan and blue merle (Harlequin).

About the Beauceron many people say that he is looking kindly only to the owner. However, in reality, in the process of selective breeding these dogs became docile, intelligent and balanced.

Temperament: Beauceron has a very strong sense of responsibility. Endowed with a unerring memory and superhuman (or superdog) powers of observation, he rarely barks, and only on serious occasions. Beauceron's owner, who knows his dog very well, can know who is approaching his home, without leaving the house. Is there a car for someone of your friends, is there a dog or was it someone else, the Beauceron will bark as many times, as many events happened.

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Beauceron is a great guardian and defender. But do not forget that you are for him - "his sheep." His role of the Guardian Angel he is willing to distribute to all family members, including children. Some of this dogs, although they are very serious and confident in their strength, may behave with the children quite foolish. Some show sometimes more protective impulses, but still both types remain reliable companions for games and walks.

Beauceron is an??unpretentious??dog, he requires almost no maintenance: grooming by brush with scraper once a week (during shedding a little more often), and bathing once or twice a year - is all that is required. What needs care - is the ears of Beauceron and his ??doubled declaws. Beauceron, so impressive in appearance, is one of the two breeds that are most often consulted about the problems of mental development: fearfulness, confusion and fear when meeting with some people, and other symptoms.

To this list we can add a lack of self control, because of what the Beauceron is often considered an aggressive dog. During the games of Beauceron and his owner the bites may occur, and sometimes they are quite painful. These deviations, if not taken a right care in the right time, can sometimes have a poor prognosis. Treatment is effective in 85% of cases, but it is long - from 4 to 18 months - and requires a lot of patience from others. The owner of a Beauceron should not feel embarrassed to talk about these issues with the trusted ??veterinarian, the sooner he will be able to diagnose the disease, the shorter will be the period of treatment.

Of course, it remains absolutely true rule, that puppies that are bought from reputable and serious breeders, who develop their communicative skills and properly??socialize??them, become a great companions. The new owners should also do their homework and maintain a clear hierarchical order in their family circle.

Health problems: Beauceron is quite healthy and hardy breed. Still in some lines this dogs are prone to the hip dysplasia. As every relatively big breed, the Beauceron is also prone to bloat.

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