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FCI # 10, Origin: Great Britain, Group 3.1 Terriers. Large and Medium-sized Terriers.

Height: 11-16, Weight: 11-16 pounds

Grooming: Medium, Shedding: Low, Coat: Weather proof double coat.

Color: Black and tan, wheaten, grizzle, red.

Ease of training: Medium, Energy level: High, Span of life: 12-15 years.

Breed: Border Terrier's birthplace are the untouched by civilization mountains and hills of Northumberland and Roxburghshire, primarily??Ride-water??districts, North Tyne and Coquet with their brown farmlands and meadows. They have indeed imposed their print on this wonderful and somewhat unique breed of Terriers.

Here, in this land, for the hunting on horses were required the swift and not sensitive to the bad weather terriers, which could accompany a pack of Foxhounds and Otterhounds on the long distances. The Border Terriers were supposed to be able to coexist well with the other breeds and have enough hunting instincts to cope with a fox or an otter in a barrow.

Chest of a Border Terrier can be covered by two palms of a man, don't forget - this dog had to be able to chase a fox in her narrow barrow. For the hunters of a Border??Country??this size was decisive for the selection of a Border Terriers, and it is still present in the official breed standard.

The next quality, recorded in the description of the breed: the dog must be able to follow a horse during a hunt, that is why the short legs are not allowed for this breed. The planned formation of the breed has begun exactly during the fox hunting with a pack of dogs in the Fells, Mountains of a Border Country District, and we owe the??appearance of this breed to??that many generations of families who lived there.

Initially, a Border Terriers were even named by the regions and families who kept a packs of dogs. Only at about 1880 this breed of dogs finally got it's present name. However, the breeders of Border Terriers were not particularly in a hurry to join the Kennel Club (this happened only in 1920) because they feared that the typical working qualities of a Border Terrier will not become properly interesting to the modern breeding of dogs.

Fortunately, their fears were not realized, and until today all experts in Border Terriers pay particularly close attention to the preservation of a specific features of a "working dog" in the process of breeding. Border Terrier today is a right dog for those enthusiasts, who are willing to make long walks through forests and fields (still it is better if a Border Terrier will have an opportunity to hunt).

General Features: Border Terrier is one of the smallest working terriers: height at withers 28 cm, weight 5,2-7 kg. Today he belongs to the rare breeds. The Border Terrier is covered with thick wiry hair, which forms the mustache and beard on his muzzle. The coat of a Border Terrier is hard and dense, with a dense undercoat, which protects the dog very well from cold and moisture and requires minimal maintenance. This coat does not need any special grooming - just stripping two times a year.

Eyes of a Border Terrier are small, dark. Ears - of medium size, hanging. Head with short and strong muzzle, that looks like an otter's head. Teeth must meet the scissors bite. Colors of the coat: wheaten, red, gray with red or blue with red. The tail is not docked, and the Border Terrier must never put it on the back. The disadvantages are too stretched or too compact body, too long or too short legs, too long, weak snout, light color of the eyes.

Border Terrier dog breeds

Border Terrier is an energetic, lively dog, very unpretentious and easy. The only thing he needs - long walks in the fresh air, a lot of movement at large spaces, without any restrictions. Border Terrier is very communicative with people, especially with the owner and his family, but still he may be suspisious and reserved with strangers.

??Temperament: Until the present day the Border Terrier is not endured by the artificial distortion and he remains in his natural state. Border Terrier still has his comfortable and healthy constitution and his lively and agile character. This is the best??description??of a Border Terrier, who have received a fairly widespread popularity in the UK long time ago and only recently became recognizable by the people outside of the narrow circle of specialists and fanciers.

Border Terrier is used for hunting foxes, for which he was actually bred in the Border Country, on the border between England and Scotland, that's how he got his name. Nowadays the Border Terrier is also becoming quite popular as a cheerful, but not a noisy companion and family dog.

A true Border Terrier wins your heart, without requiring any spacial attention to himself. His unique feature is his head, resembling the head of an otter, a somewhat flat skull with a well-filled, short snout and soft lines of his body.

Above all that, in his body and gestures is observed an unusual combination of a sharpness and softness, which makes him a small, flexible and agile "working terrier." Anything rude and rough is against his looks and his nature. He combines the somewhat primitive hardness with his own harmonious mobility, which you can see only in a Border Terriers. In the alertness of his way to stand is the expression of both features typical for him - the charm and the brave attitude.

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Border Terrier combines the features that help him, without making any special effort, to holds a special place in the diverse family of Terriers. For the fanciers of the breed, who are trying to preserve the pristine beauty of a Border Terrier, he is existing in full agreement with the British view of things, as a dog, of a very special class.
Boarder Terriers by their nature are extremely attentive, benevolent and affectionate dogs, they get along well with everyone, including children. They need the presence of their pack, which is the owner's family, and, if possible, communication with dog of other breeds. Living this way they feel more comfortable.

It is pretty easy to care about the Border Terrier: it is only necessary from time to time to manually pull out a tough coat and dense undercoat. This dogs do not shed. Border Terriers are born with extremely good health. It is difficult to name some typical deseases or the propensity to them, on the contrary - many Border Terriers live to old age: 15 years or more.

So, if you decide to add a Border Terrier to your family, you should know that this is the long term relationship and commitment. For those of modern "dog lovers" who prefer to be changing breeds frequently and it is their way to "try" this or another breed for themselves, Border Terrier is no good (well, which breed is really good for that?)

Border Terrier puppies are born much darker and gradually acquire the final color to six months of age. For Border Terrier is typical to have a thick skin and a thick, tight hard coat, that protects the dog from the weather.

Health problems: Recently discovered Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome may be a problem in some lines of a Border Terriers. But generally the Border Terrier is a healthy and hardy breed.

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