Chow Chow general features, temperament, health

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FCI # 205, Origin: China (Great Britain), Group 5.6 Asian Spitz and related breeds.

Height: 18-22 in, Weight: 45-70 pounds

Grooming: Medium, Shedding: Medium, Coat: Weather resistant double coat.

Color: Dark red, creme, cinnamon, blue-black, white is rare.

Ease of training: Medium, Energy level: Medium, Span of life: 10-13 years

Breed: Chow-chow is a very ancient breed of dogs known to man for at least 2000 years. The confirmation of this fact can be found in the famous book about the Chinese porcelain written at the time of Zan dynasty (150 BC), where can be seen an image of a dog figurine - no doubt a big male in a harness.

Scientists refer the Chow Chow to the prehistoric forms of dogs - Canis familitis palustr.

There are opinions that an important role in the forming of Chow Chow played a Tibetan Mastiff, and the reason for Chow's blue tongue must be the extinct species of polar wolves. However, it is not proved, neither disproved. Most likely the origins of Chow Chow's ancestors are from the North. This fact is clearly shown by the physical and psychological features of this dogs, that were formed probably in the vast snowy expanses of the north (for example, the Chow Chow much better tolerates cold rather than heat).

China is assumed to be a homeland of Chow Chow, where they were used as a sled, hunting and guard dogs. Thus, according to the legend, the emperor of the Tang dynasty had 5,000 Chow Chow used exclusively for hunting.

The first information about Chow Chow was brought to Europe by Italian navigator and explorer Marco Polo (1254-1324). He lived for a long time in Tibet, where he met with Chow Chow, who was described as a strong, extremely confident and solid in the legs, totally subordinated to only one master, which he himself chooses, but sweet and affectionate family friend, loyal to all family members. With the strangers Chow Chow is suspicious and reserved. Marco Polo also describes the transferring of one of those dogs to Nepal by the highland caravan route.

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That Chow Chow was transported in a box, from which he escaped. He ran immediately to the end of the caravan and without any invitation started to bear the guard duty, protecting the caravan. In Nepal, the dog was given to a new owner. More than two months had to pass until the dog was able to get used to him. Marco Polo described the excellent protective qualities of Chow Chow, mentioning that it is very unsafe to penetrate the zone, protected by this dogs.
In 1785 the mentioning of the dogs brought from China appeared again. It was stated, that those dogs there were bred for their meat. But this apparently were not the purebred Chow Chow but their hybrids, or discarded specimens, as purebred Chow Chow has never been eaten. Moreover, the purebred Chow Chow were very much appreciated and could even serve as a bride's dowry at the wedding.

In 1887, when Erl Laneleyl gave his bride lady Carlin a charming Chow Chow puppy, this breed became the subject of interest in the highest English aristocratic society. From England Chow Chow went firstly far to the west (to America), rather than on the European continent, where for a long time were living only a few representatives of this breed. Apparently, the reason for such a situation was the high cost of Chow Chow, which was effecting the distribution of the breed: a purebred Chow Chow could cost a colossal sum. This is partly true till this days.

General Features: The Chow Chow is a strong, healthy dog ??????of the polar type, square format, medium size, with muscular and massive bones. Compact body, with a short waist, wide and deep, tail is set high, the dog keeps it pressed against his back. Corps relies on the direct, strong limbs. Proudly set a large head with broad, flat skull and short, broad and deep muzzle emphasized a "collar." This elegant, harmoniously composed massive dog is energetic, active and agile. Covered with short, soft coat with undercoat, Chow-Chow is a model of beauty, nobility, and naturalness. Blue-black tongue, scowling expression and stilted gait are the main characteristic of the breed.

From the side, it is obvious that the dog is of a square format with a short loin. The chest is broad, which is a breed characteristic feature. Head with a proud-set is in proportion to the body, but does not seem too heavy. Expression is gloomy, with dignity, the haughty, attentive, calm, self-confident and independent. There are no folds of skin on the muzzle. The eyes are dark brown, deep set, wide and obliquely set, almond shaped, of medium size. Eyelid are black, eyes are clearly visible. Ears are small, moderately thick.

The skull is broad and flat. The stop is moderately marked. The muzzle is short compared with the length of the skull, but not less than 1 / 3 of the length of head. Nose is big, broad, black, with wide open nostrils, but the blue chow might have a blue or bluish-gray nose. Teeth are strong, meet the scissor bite. The neck is strong, sturdy, well muscled, nicely arched. Chest is broad, oval and muscular.

There are two types of coat - shorthair and longhair. Color mast be solid or solid with lighter shades of the basic color on the "collar", tail and feathering. In Chow Chow there are five colors: red, black blue, cinnamon (light brown), cream.

Temperament: The behavior of most of the dogs falls within a frame, but the characteristics of Chow Chow are so complicated, that still pose a whole series of riddles. Chow Chow has never been an open book, and behind his sombre appearance hides an entire set of secrets, get into that rarely works, and you can only slightly "open the curtain". But those, who for once actually understood Chow Chow, who could share with him common existence, those will never give up this dog for a dog of another breed, because Chow actually has a number of special qualities and advantages.

Chow Chow dog breed photo

You can not buy a love of Chow Chow. In a family where he lives, he chooses a master, which has his unlimited trust and love for the whole life. Why did he choose exactly this person, and not another family member, remains a mystery. Despite the fact that Chow Chow outside of the house is reserved, cautious, self-confident and proud, in the family, where he feels free, he is funny and easy. And when his favorite person returns back from work, Chow Chow seems to remove the mask of importance, he opens his heart, and in such moments, you can forget about all the problems and all your failures are beyond the threshold, and fatigue is magically gone.

In the house Chow Chow is very calm and does not cause any problems to the others. He does not destroy the curtains, he is not spoiling the carpets, he does not touch shoes and furniture, he is walking silently, it seems that he is wearing slippers on his feet. In the everyday life Chow Chow is extremely clean and tidy. For the family Chow Chow is an extremely pleasant dog, on the street during the rain he is carefully avoiding the puddles doing his best not to get dirty, and there are some Chow Chow, who generally do not like water. Even in the hottest weather Chow Chow will never jump into a river or pond by his own will. But the owner must promptly introduce his Chow Chow to the water, so the dog got used to it. But when there is a snow, Chow Chow is enjoying it with all the fibres of his soul. He may spend hours making holes in the snow and he may even fall asleep in one of those holes.

Chow Chow rarely expresses sympathy or antipathy to people, animals or objects - there is no middle for him. He is a natural born maverick who does not get along well with the other dogs. And if you have several, it will be an exceptional phenomenon, if they live peacefully. For a strange dog that Chow Chow has never seen, he shows no interest and he never will go to play. But if he was attacked, he goes at lightning speed from defense to attack with such ruthlessness and power that stuns the opponent and usually Chow Chow comes out as the winner of these fights, because he has extremely strong jaws and very thick hair, which serves as protection against the opponent's teeth. Normally Chow Chow does not have any relationships with the other dogs, but if for once he found a dog, that he would be sympathetic to, they will have this friendship forever. With the puppies Chow Chow is peaceful. On the walk nothing escapes his attention. He has an innate need for freedom, so he is not suited for life in a closed corner, from which he will certainly try to escape. But if he is offered enough freedom to move, he would retaliate by obedience and gratitude.

Chow Chow has a great innate love for children, he is extremely gentle with them. But he may become their enemy, if the children are teasing him or if they are cruel with him. Therefore, the task of parents is to instill in their children the basics of proper communication with the Chow Chow.

With all unknown creatures (people or animals) Chow Chow is very suspicious and cautious. This can be seen even at his meal times. It is not so easy for him to eat something, he does not know, also Chow Chow would never accept any food from the stranger, just because he does not know this person and he does not trust him. With the strangers who come to visit the Chow's owner, Chow initially will be extremely suspicious. When the first outbreak of suspiciousness will pass, Chow cautiously and not directly will come closer to the stranger, sniff him, examine and evaluate. If the Chow Chow finds that everything is in order, then he returns to his place and will stay there to observe all event.

Under any circumstances Chow Chow will always remain calm. Excessive reactions and fears - is not his style. But if he detects any hazard to himself, his master and his possessions, he will guard those irreconcilably. And although he is not trained, he will not be worse than any trained dog of a guarding breed. Chow Chow is not a guarding breed, but he keeps the innate abilities and instincts, that are telling him how to behave.

Health problems: Chow Chow are prone to the hip dysplasia, stomach cancer and eye irritation. Because of the somewhat short muzzle Chow Chow may often snore.

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