Deutscher Jagdterrier general features, temperament, health

Deutscher Jagdterrier dog breed photo

FCI # 103, Origin: Germany, Group 3.1 Terriers. Large and medium-sized Terriers.

Height: average 13-15,7 in, Weight: 8-12 pounds

Grooming: Medium, Shedding: Medium, Coat: Weather proof double coat.

Color: Black and tan.

Ease of training: Medium, Energy level: Medium, Span of life: 12-16 years.

Breed: Despite the fact that this breed was created almost in front of our eyes, there are many versions about the Jagdterrier's origin. According to some authors, in the forming of Jagdterrier were used Old English Terriers of a dark color. Others, referring to the similarity of many features, indicate a Manchester Terrier, and some authors - a Welsh Terrier together with some other Terriers. There is also an oppinion that among the variety of types of the British Terriers there were already met some individuals who were in fact the ancestors of a modern Jagdterriers, and that they were used in the initial period of breeding.

At the same time, some experts, the dog handlers, that are well versed with the state of dog breeding in Germany in the 20's and 30's, suggest that the underlying breed is a dark-colored Fox Terrier.

By the end of XIX century in England, mostly was popular a certain type of Fox Terrier - a bright colored dogs with a predominance of white. This direction was determined by the requirements of the highly popular in the country fox hunting. Here was possible to meet and dark-colored Fox Terriers with a very good hunting qualities. In addition, there were bred the Black and Tan Terriers, as a result of the activities on the revival of the Old English Terrier. It is proved that such a dogs were in Germany. Here at that time Fox Terriers were considered in terms of their use as the "earth dogs" and for other kinds of hunting. For the breeding were used only the dogs with high working qualities, among them were often met a dark-colored individuals.

Dark color was preferred from both - utilitarian considerations and the assumption that the dark color is less scaring the wild animals.

So, let us turn to the origins of the Jagdterrier. Hekk and Zangenberg - were the first breeders of Jagdterriers, and the leading role belonged to Zangenberg - a big fan of new dogs. In Hekk's kennel in 1923 from the dark colored Fox Terrier bitch Huntmans Hussie, mated with the wire-haired English Terrier named Electric Whire, who was red with black saddle there were born black and tan puppies (two males and two females). In order to consolidate the resulting color Zangenberg was using a close inbreeding, puppies with a spotty color of the coats were strictly rejected. Also there was poured the blood of dark-colored Fox Terriers with good working qualities.

Deutscher Jagdterrier dog breeds

In 1924 at the initiative of Zangenberg in Germany was founded the "Club of German hunting terriers". By this time were formulated the key rules in creating the breed: dogs must have dark color, they must be below average growth, not be attractive to fans, indifferent to hunting, have a highly developed hunting instincts, allow versatility.

After several years the material obtained because of inbreeding was in need of freshening up. The most successful was the cross-breeding of the new breeding group with the Old English Terriers in 1932, and in 1933 was used the blood of a Welsh Terrier. From matings with the Old English Terriers was obtained a male, named Meve States. His son, Ille House, as his father, has already been quite satisfying the goals of breeding. The further work of the breeders had as a result a new - very well bred - working dog. Unfortunately, since 1945, the obtained breeding material was almost completely lost, only few dogs of this breed survived. It took a big, persistent efforts to restore the lost, and by the end of 80-ies, after considerable difficulty in overcoming the consequences of inbreeding, the development of Jagdterrier was completed.

General Features: The Jagdterrier is a dog with very good bones and a strong musculature. Type of constitution is strong. Color: black or dark brown with red markings. Recently the standard was changed for only black and tan color, but brown and tan puppies are still found in the litters (the brown and tan color is not encouraged). The coat of a Jagdterrier is straight, thick, dense, hard and rough. Thick, dense undercoat is a must. Coat of the wire haired Jagdterrier on the body and limbs is longer than in the smooth coated Jagdterrier and there is a beard on his muzzle. Head is rather long, dry. The muzzle is slightly shorter than the skull with powerful jaws and a pronounced chin steep. Teeth are large and strong. The Jagdterrier has a small ears, set high, broken at the cartilage, slightly adjacent to the cheeks. Eyes are small, dark, deep set. The neck is strong, muscular, the back is sturdy. Tail, set high on rump, placed rather obliquely back than vertically docked. Chest moderately broad and deep - down to elbows. Legs are straight, parallel, hind legs wide apart. Paws of a Jagdterrier by the shape are closer to the oval, gathered into a ball, the front paws are larger than hind paws. The Jagdterrier is undemanding, hardy and distrustful of strangers.

Temperament: The Jagdterrier is a hunting dog, working for the hunter and hunting. If at the beginning the most important was the work under the ground on fox and badger, now the Jagdterier is frequently and successfully used as a search dogs on fowl and hoofed animals. Proverbial toughness and strength allows him not to retreat before the powerful beast.

Deutscher Jagdterrier dog breed photo

He is also suitable for retrieving and detecting the wounded game, because of his fine senses and love to the search, coupled with endurance. The Jagdterrier is suitable for hunting waterfowl, where he is showing a willing to search the reeds and retrieve the game from deep water without fear. This small versatile hunting dog is a great retriever of the small game: rabbit, pheasant, partridge, pigeon.

The Jagdterrier is courageous and tough, hard-working and enduring. He loves life and he is temperamental, honest, reliable, he loves children and he is very sociable.
Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the following:

Jagdterrier is a perfect gun dog for hunting. He is not a fashionable sofa dog. In this situation he will be suffering from the unrealized instincts. He is like a puppy, adaptive and curious, but he needs a consistent firm hand of his master.

If you accept these premises, the Jagdterrier will readily accept your "leadership" and will treat you accordingly. He is always there for you, glad to be affectionate to you and your loved ones whose attention he seeks. Hard and hardy the Jagdterrier manifests himself as a great working dog, so he needs as much love from the other side.

The principal feature of hunting dogs is in the marked contrast of their behavior while hunting to the behavior at home. Of course, it is pretty hard to imagine the behavior of the "earth dog" working in a barrow, because the hunter gets only a small fraction of information about the actions of the dog in the underground labyrinths. How the dog approaches the fox, how he chases the beast out, how he fights?  How the dog is sometimes for hours fighting in the dark dungeons of badgers, a formidable enemy, armed not only with teeth but also with the sharp claws? We can only guess. Yet almost always, even bleeding from a torn cheek dog takes precedence over the beast, and without any human assistance.

Not surprisingly, therefore, that the habit of fighting in conditions of absolute independence, to the struggles to win, even at the cost of the most severe injuries, has developed in the "earth dogs" a special inherent instincts and features of character and, above all, a high level of situational thinking. As a result of hunting skills, some representatives of this group of dogs may have a very tough character traits and behaviors in everyday life: a highly developed self-esteem, desire to rule the roast in the home environment, placing themselves above everybody else - even sometimes above the owners, etc. Mainly the Jagdterriers are like this and (to a lesser extent) - Fox Terriers, mostly smooth haired, ie those species whose representatives were frequently used in various types of hunting.

The rest of the "earth dogs", and they are in the majority, despite the high level of self-esteem and acquisition and the strong character, developed from generation to generation, a sense of ownership status, their typical 'hunting" behavior changes at home. They express a touching love for children, sincere devotion to their owners, friendly attitude to strangers. They are deprived of eccentric and "criminal" character traits.

Health problems: The Jagdterriers are generally very healthy dogs.

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