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FCI # 72, Origin: Great Britain, Group 3.2 Terriers. Small-sized Terriers.

Height: average 10 in, Weight: 10-12 pounds

Grooming: Medium, Shedding: Low, Coat: Weather proof double coat.

Color: Black and tan, wheaten, grizzle, red.

Ease of training: Medium, Energy level: High, Span of life: 12-15 years.

Breed: The Norwich Terrier originated in East Anglia, England. The breed comes from the small red and black and tan terriers, whose ancestors were Irish and Yorkshire Terriers. These small energetic dogs were excellent rat catchers. From the outset they were wire-haired and because of their somewhat stiff wool they were often called "Rags" - "disheveled, shaggy." They were sand-colored, short, stocky, with cropped ears.

At the turn of the XIX and XX centuries the breeding of a Norwich Terriers centered around the cities of Norwich and Norfolk. Norwich Terrier is the result of crossing many breeds of terriers of Great Britain.

In the 80 years of XIX century, students at Cambridge were considering it as a special chic to have this little sporting terrier. Moreover, students at Cambridge University have chosen the Norwich Terrier as their mascot. But in fact the Norwich Terriers had a purely practical occupation - they were catching the rats, at that time there were many of them on campus.

In 1932, the Norwich Terriers were officially recognized, there was created the Norwich Terrier Fanciers Club and the first Norwich Terriers were shown at the exhibitions. Initially, the standard clearly describes the position and form of the ears - erected, and color - just and only red. A little later there was made the change in the standard, stating that the Norwich Terrier might have a small white spots on the chest and neck. In 1935 the black and tan color was also accepted in the standard.

In the following years the main disagreements were over the formulation of the ears. Part of the dogs had them erected, and part was with the dropped ears. In this case, each option had it's supporters. In the 30 years the breeders have almost ceased to interbreed dogs with the different types of ears.
During the Second World War, the Norwich Terriers, like many other breeds, have virtually disappeared.

Norwich Terrier dog breeds

In the postwar years, the breeders, enthusiasts were reviving this breed. As the breed returned back, so returned the disagreements over the dropped ears.

In 1964 both types finally had a separate recognition. First there was a proposal to write two standards of the same breed - with erect ears and with dropped ears. However, the English Kennel Club registered dogs as these are two different breeds. It was decided that a dog with erect ears will be called the Norwich terrier, and with the dropped ears - the Norfolk Terrier. Under the name of the area where began the history of these wonderful breeds.

Until now these two breeds are written separated in the FCI breed nomenclature and we know them as the Norwich Terrier and the Norfolk Terrier.

General Features: The Norwich Terrier is one of the smallest terriers, he was bred for hunting the small game and rodents, but today this dog is a great companion for both: old and young people, especially those who like to get involved in sports. Another name of this breed is "Trumpington Terriers". Norwich Terrier is the mascot of the students at Cambridge University.

Stocky, incredibly strong for his size, the Norwich Terrier is a small, hardy, dense and energetic dog. Height at the withers 25.5 cm Weight: 5-5,5 kg. Muzzle in the dogs of this breed is pointed, the jaws are strong. The Norwich Terrier has a well defined occipital protuberance. Sufficiently broad and rounded forehead. Recognized colors are: red, black with red and gray, wheat, and various shades of these colors. White markings are not allowed. Norwich terrier is friendly and a very brave dog. He is getting along well with children, loves the family, where he lives. The Norwich Terrier is very much attached to his master.

Norwich Terriers always behave as if they were the principal members of the family. However, this does not prevent them from playing well with children. Lively, non-aggressive nature contributes to the fact that these animals are indeed very soon becoming a universal favorite in the family A masterful character of the Norwich Terriers gives them a special significance, contributing to additional worship

Temperament: This breed is so magnificent, that if you will use a scale from one to ten, then the Norwich Terrier would receive at least 9! This stunning little dog is so great to have around. Being small in size, only 10 inches at the withers, the Norwich Terrier is an "explosive" mixture of energy and fun.

Little Norwich Terrier takes up a very little space, so it is easy to keep him in the apartment. But by his very nature the Norwich Terrier is not a resident of the city. Despite the fact that Norwich can live in the town, in case he will be walking 3 times a day, he has too much power for such a boring existence. Best of all he feels in the countryside, where he can always feel the fullness of life, running at the woods and fields, sniffing everything and pretending to be a great hunter.

The Norwich Terrier is somewhat a paradox: he is arrogant and cocky, but not at all aggressive. Like most of the other terriers, he was bred for hunting and destroying the small rodents and if today you will give him a chance, he will be able to handle this job the same effectively as he did already once. The Norwich Terrier is bold and sometimes reckless when it comes to hunting. Nevertheless, by his nature he is not an annoying gangster, so in the house he quickly turns into a gentle dog.

Norwich Terrier dog breed photo

The Norwich Terrier is never bully with the other dogs, but when it comes to him, he is always ready to stand up for himself. Small dog with a big heart, the Norwich Terrier, very often forgets about his size, considering himself a giant among the other dogs.

He is an excellent companion for the whole family: affectionate with adults and loyal to children. Children quickly consider him as a best friend and invite to take part in their games.

The Norwich Terrier hates to be alone! He needs a plenty of human contact, and he will be very upset when people leave him unattended or keep him at a distance. For him it is very important to have a warm atmosphere in the house. The Norwich Terrier is very sensitive to the feelings and emotions of the people, that he knows and loves. When everybody around him is happy - he will be happy too!

Unfortunately, these wonderful dogs are not so often seen on the exhibitions and Dog Shows.


Despite this fact, their popularity is growing as is growing the number of people, who are passionately in love with this breed. After all, the Norwich Terrier is an intelligent, smart, energetic, loving little dog who easily finds the key to the majority of human hearts. Only a person without a heart can resist his charm! 

Health problems: Generally the Norwich Terriers are a healthy breed. Still in some lines the attention must be payed to the back problems.

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