Slovac Cuvac (Slovakian Chuvach) general features, temperament, health

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FCI # 142, Origin: Slovakia, Group 1.1 Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs.

Height: 22-27,5 in, Weight: 66-99 pounds

Grooming: Medium, Shedding: High, Coat: Thick, slightly wavy doublecoat.

Color: white with black nose, lips and eye-lids.

Ease of training: High, Energy level: Medium, Span of life: 12-15 years

Breed: This breed of white mountain dogs originated from polar Arctic wolves that lived before the Ice Age in the mountainous regions of Europe up to the edge of glaciers, particularly on the northern slopes of the Caucasus, the Balkans, especially in the Rhodope Mountains, the Carpathians, the Tatras, on the northern slopes of the Abruzzi mountains, the Alps and the Pyrenees. In these cold areas with the high humidity, this type of the mountain breeds of dogs is surrounded by the remaining flora and fauna, who's nearest living area has been found in Scandinavia by the Swedish researcher Wallenberg. A similar relationship with the northern domesticated animals can be seen in Tatras and Carpathian region, for example, Hucul horses - the closest relatives of the Goodbranstal horse. This also can be noticed about the Slovakian Chuvach, whose northern analogy is Pomeranian Shepherd and other breeds.

Slovak-alpine farming has ancient traditions. Slovakian Chuvach, together with the mountain sheep, Hutsul trotters and other typical inhabitants of the mountains, formed the backbone of the economy, that was based on the use of pastures and grazing land for agriculture.

Slovaks who lived in mountainous areas of the country, have always been free men, not engaged in the medieval forced labor. They defended their borders and they were paying taxes solely by their products - namely, white cheese. Their community was called Wallachian Union, whose center before the abolition of the forced labor was located in Kashan. The members of this community offered their services as herders and warriors, and always beside this people could be seen their faithful dogs of a white color.

Slovac Cuvac dog breeds

The Slovac Cuvac has proven his ability to serve as a good guard, watchdog, companion, shepherd and a herding dog of a cattle and other livestock. Those visitors, who came to the mountains to the farmers for cheese and other agricultural products, have been fascinated by the cute puppies with those rich white coats and imported the breed in the lowland areas of the country, where it's representatives because of their imposing appearance were often considered a luxury dogs.

From the Polish border of Tatra Mountains, where lived the breed of mountain dog related to Cuvac, the strongest and the most powerful dogs were called "Liptaue", which indicates a Slovak origin. The breeding region of a Slovakian (Tatrian) Chuvach has topographic boundaries. The stud book of a breed "Slovakian Chuvach" in Czechoslovakia was discovered more than thirty years ago by Professor Antonin Hruza from the Veterinary Institute of Brno. The main material was collected in the regions: Liptovska Luzna, Kokava, Vychodna in Tatras and around the Rachovo in the Carpathians. The first organization of the Slovac Cuvac breeders was called the "Golden Fountain" and was situated in Svitavy and Brno. Carpathian kennel had the prefix ??Z Hoverla?? (Hoverlian). Since then the Slovakian Chuvach Club, whose office is located in Bratislava, is recording the pedigrees, organizing exhibitions, competitions and shows in all regions of the country. The first representatives of the breed were brought up in Hole, Velky Choc, Zakorpatne, Martin, Jedlova and Jeseniky.  

The most common are the descendants of Topaz, Uranus, Simba, Hrdosa, Ibro, Kuvo, Bundas, Dinar, Boyars, Olaf and other representatives of the breed.
Genetically, the majority of the Slovakian Chuvach dogs has a black coloring of their noses and lips, and only a small part - a brown noses with lighter eyes. The combination of these two genetic samples of a breed, the first of which is dominant, resulted in a definite difference in shade of color, pigmentation of eyelids, eyes, muzzle, lips and mucous membranes.

Following the strict selection in breeding of Slovakian Chuvach, when the first type was preferred, judges and breeders have created a type of dog, meeting the modern standard.

The number of club members have recently reached 200. The number of the registered Slovac Cuvac now living in the Republic is 800 dogs.

The quality of the breed Slovakian Chuvach is confirmed by the estimate obtained on the international shows (held in Prague, Brno, Libereke, Bratislava, Leipzig and other cities) - and this is despite the strong competition from the foreign breeds of dogs.

General Features: Among the existing white shepherds and guard dogs the Slovakian Chuvach - is one really expressive dog. Height at withers of 71 cm, weight 48 kg. His rich coat is of medium length, thick and slightly wavy. Color - pure white. At first glance, the Slovakian Chuvach looks like the Hungarian Kuvasz, although Chuvach is more lean, and his hair has a slight shade of ivory. Chuvach is less massive, but has enough power and speed to be an excellent guardian of the flock, as well as a defender of the owner and his family.

This dog is trongly built and looks imposing. The format of the body fits into a moderately long rectangle, but the legs are high enough.

The skull of Slovac Cuvac is wide, oblong, wide between the ears, sagittal crest is not allocated. Nasal bridge is straight. The muzzle is straight, long and relatively wide, tapering to the nose, but not pointed. Nose is black.

Eyes are in a shape of oval. Dark brown in color. The third eyelid should not be developed.

Ears are set high. Hanging, rounded at the ends, reaching the angles of the mouth. Ears must be covered with the soft, fine hair.
Tail is well feathered, set moderately low.

The combination of boundless courage and supreme devotion makes the Slovakian Chuvach very special and differs him from many herding breeds.

Slovac Cuvac dog breed photo

Temperament: The Slovakian Chuvach is very attentive and vigilant, he is always "on the lookout". This dog is incredibly mobile and agile, with the lightning-fast reactions. All named above makes the Slovakian Chuvach an excellent guard dog. He is spiteful, but not aggressive. We can say that this is a good alternative to such breeds as the Caucasian, Central Asian Shepherd Dog and many other breeds of a guarding dogs, which are sometimes much more difficult to deal with because of the pretty high level of aggressiveness.

Many breeders believe, that the Slovakian Chuvach with his very special character may suite even the novice dog handler. In contrast to the breeds, mentioned above, he does not seek conflict and can be trained relatively easy. Still the future owner of a Slovakian Chuvach should never forget, that such a big dog needs a firm pack leader.

Slovakian Chuvach protects his own rights, but never will disturb the rights of the others. This dog in most of the cases will not be aggressive with another dogs or people without a good reason. The Slovac Cuvac is very smart "thinking" dog, he acts and attacks only in the case of a real threat or attempt to encroach upon the beloved master, his family and master's belongings and properties. Even if he is not especially trained, the Slovakian Chuvach is making decisions himself, guarding skills in this breed of dogs are inherent.

On his territory Slovac Cuvac will act decisively, but in any case he will always first give enough warning of his intentions. Most often this is enough, but if the intruder will not understand and will be still persistent, then Chuvach would certainly "explain" the rules applicable in his territory. Even a familiar persons in the absence of the owner will be greeted with caution. The Slovakian Chuvach will let you know, that he recognized you as a friend of his owner, for example, but still he will not let you on his yard or in the house.

On the "neutral" territory Chuvach will show aggression only as a last resort. But he will not be really friendly with anyone he does not know, and he will never let a straner to stroke himself. This dog will always avoid the approximations deviate from the outstretched hands. Often this behavior is taken for cowardice. But in reality: the dog, that is not trustful can not be stolen and no one can harm her (this quality was cultivated and particularly prized in this dogs for many years of breeding ). If a stranger is persistent, then Chuvach will quickly dissuade him of his cowardice. One may touch this dog only if so is requested by the owner: Slovakian Chuvach will allow this, but will never be happy about it.

With acquaintances and friends of the owner the Slovakian Chuvach is always friendly and sociable, but he will not bother anyone with caresses ever.

In most of the cases, the Slovakian Chuvach is an affectionate and gentle dog that gets along well with children, and gets along great with all dogs and other pets. He is perfectly suited for the role of the companion. Slovac Cuvac loves to do some job and he can be easily trained.

Health problems: The Slovakian Chuvach is a very healthy breed.

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