Thai Ridgeback Dog general features, temperament, health

Thai Ridgeback Dog dog breed photo

FCI # 338, Origin: Thailand, Group 5.7 Primitive type - Hunting Dogs

Height: 20-24 in, Weight: 51-75 pounds

Grooming: Low, Shedding: Low, Coat: short and velvety.

Color: red with black mask, blue, fawn, black, brindle.

Ease of training: Medium, Energy level: Medium, Span of life: 12-13 years.

Breed: The Thai Ridgeback Dog is a breed with a very ancient lineage. Found in Thailand, the ancient frescoes, dating back 2000 - 3000 years ago, are depicting dogs with crescent tail and erect ears. Most likely, the Thai Ridgeback was there before Thailand began to write it's history.

Thai Ridgeback Originally came from the island of Pho Quoc, that belonged to Siam, and later became a part of Vietnam.

The Thai Ridgeback Dog was used for hunting deers, tapirs and birds. This dogs were also used to accompany the wagons, which at that time were the most popular transport in Thailand. These journeys were always very difficult. The villages in Thailand were then isolated, and getting there was not easy. Precisely because of this forced isolation, the Thai Ridgeback has retained his original appearance. As a result of natural selection, only strong and healthy dogs could survive, so the livestock at this time differed by an excellent health.

In mid-1970 the Thai breeders seriously undertook the preservation of Thai Ridgeback. As a result, in 1989 the breed was recognized under the name "The Thai Ridgeback Dog" by the Kennel Union of Asia (AKU), and in 1990 - by the Kennel Club of Japan (which is considered the leading organization in Asia and is a member of FCI). In 1993 the Thai Ridgeback was registered by FCI. The original version of the standard (AKU) had two options: with the ridge on the back and without it. However, the latest version of the FCI standard requires the presence of ridge.

In Asia in 1985 there were registered 43 Thai Ridgebacks, in 1986 -137, and in 1989, already 1016 representatives of this breed.

In Thailand, this breed is very popular. In 1994 there were about 5,000 dogs of this breed (stud book is held in Thailand since 1975). The first Thai Ridgebacks have been imported to Europe directly from Thailand (although the Thai breeders are not too eager to sell their dogs) in 1992. Nowadays the Thai Ridgebacks are successfully bred in Germany, France, Czech Republic and other countries.

But even now, the Thai Ridgeback is a rare and exotic dog. At the moment in the world there are registered approximately only 1,925 dogs of this breed.

Thai Ridgeback Dog dog breeds

General Features: The Thai Ridgeback is a medium-sized dog with the short coat forming a ridge along the back. The body is slightly longer than the height at the withers. The musculature is well developed, the anatomical structure is suitable for physical activity.

Colors of a Thai Ridgeback: red, black, blue and fawn (Isabella). Black mask is preferable in the red color.

The skull of a Tahi Ridgeback is flat between the ears but slightly rounded when viewed from the side. Forehead is wrinkled when the dog is attentive. Stop is clearly defined but moderate. Nose is black. In dogs of a blue color, the nose is black with the shade of blue. Nasal bridge is straight and long. Muzzle is wedge-shaped, slightly shorter than the skull. Lips are tight with good pigmentation. Black marking on the tangue are preferred. Jaws of the Thei Ridgeback are strong.Teeth are white and large, with scissor bite. Eyes of medium size, almond-shaped. Eye color is dark brown. Dogs of a blue color are allowed to have eyes in the color of amber. Ears are of medium size, triangular, erect, set on the sides of the skull.

Temperament: The Thai Ridgeback is a rare breed throughout the world, that is gradually becoming popular. It is quite difficult to find a good dog of this breed - puppies are born only once a year, usually in autumn. This seasonality is due to the fact that this dog is a direct descendant of the Asian wolf, so, unlike most of the dog breeds, the Thai Ridgeback is a direct descendant from the wild, which allowed him to preserve a good health, stamina and unpretentiousness.


Thai Ridgeback is extraordinarily beautiful. His strong, athletic, flexible body is just made for movement. It's impossible not to notice this dog, like it's impossible not to notice a good purebred horse.

Erect ears and "wrinkles of wisdom" on the forehead, give to the muzzle of this dog extremely serious and intelligent expression. The same unforgettable impression gives you a"smile" of the Thai Ridgeback.

Communication with the Thai Ridgeback is very interesting. These dogs grow up quickly and they learn everything very fast. The Thai Ridgeback is a full member of the family, who lives in harmony with other pets and loves children. Intelligent, dignified character makes this dog an excellent pet. This dog will not look into the eyes of anyone who shows attention. For the Thai Ridgeback only the owner and his family are important. This dog gives an impression of a "serious" guard dog because of his significant appearance and also because of his suspiciousness to strangers. In general, maybe it is not so bad, because with this dog you don't have to worry about anything, when you or any one from your family goes with him for a walk.

Although this breed, because of the specificity of it's origin, is not characterized with the aggression towards people, Thai Ridgebacks are excellent guard dogs. They are very territorial and very responsible. The "territory" for a Thai Ridgeback is not just an apartment and yard, but also his owner's car for example. In case of a dangerous situation, the Thai Ridgeback is not behaving hysterically, but just sitting and watching silently. If he will understand, that there is a real threat to his master - he will act. Thai Ridgeback hardly will attack humans, but a loud, menacing bark and impressive exterior always works for him. This abilities are donated to this dogs by nature, and it does not require any special training.

Thai Ridgeback, having a low and velvety voice, practically does not bark in ordinary life, and many owners claim that they hardly heard their dogs barking. So if you here you Thai Ridgeback barking - there must be a really good reason for it.

Thai Ridgeback Dog dog breed photo

The coat of a Thai Ridgeback deserves a special mentioning.  Short, up to an inch long, pleasant to the touch, this type of coat can be called " velvety" or "plush". Length can vary slightly, but in any case, the feeling when you touch it absolutely incredible!

This amazing, velvety coat, that does not require any special care makes the Thai Ridgeback an excellent apartment dog. Of course, like all breeds, the Thai Ridgeback shed, but, strangely, he lives no fur on the carpets, furniture, or clothing. The only way to detect shedding - to hold a wet hand over the dog. And this is one more undoubted advantage of this breed.

More than that - the Thai Ridgeback does not have any smell, due to the hot climate of south-east Asia, from which he originates. Even after bathing or after the rain, even the most sensitive nose will not feel that doggy odor, which usually comes from even the short-haired dogs. In the opposite, surprisingly, many owners admit that their dog smells like... honey.

The Thai Ridgeback is surprisingly cleanly! Going for a walk, this dogs carefully sidestep all the puddles, and never sit down, and, moreover, will never lie on a wet or dirty surface. But, like the true natives of Southeast Asia, they love heat and even in the warm day will not mind to "get some sun", licking their paws and washing up as a cat. Remember a sense of "fat hands", which often occurs after contact with dogs? When, after playing, or patting a dog you can not stop thinking about how to quickly wash your hands? So this never happens after a contact with the Thai Ridgeback! It's hard to believe, but it is true!

Most of the Thai Ridgebacks have amazing, not similar to the canine, habits. Despite their rather big size, they like to sit on the backs of sofas, armchairs and on the window sill, watching the scenes from above. They love to get on your knees, play with the rope tied ball or a bow.

At the same time they are quite independent. But this is not the same independence that is so appreciated, or conversely, disliked, in cats. Rather, it is not independence, but self-sufficiency. In contrast to many dog breeds, whose actions are entirely dependent on man, the Thai Ridgeback is able to independently make his own decisions. Perhaps one may think that the training of a Thai Ridgeback is harder than with the other breeds. He has a unique intelligence and is able to anticipate the actions of man, so the classic case of training may appear rather boring to your Thai Ridgeback. You should not put pressure in the process of working with him or try to "break" him.

This breed is usually proud and stubborn, for this reason the owners need to be smarter. Training of a Thai Ridgeback should be structured in such a way that the dog will always find it interesting. It may be, for example, a game of "hunt" in which the dog is headed by the owner - the leader of the pack - performing the various commands. The Thai Ridgeback is very clever, easily trained, able to perform even the most sophisticated command, but remember that learning should be based not on "munshtre", but always on the game. This is the best key to a successful training of the Thai Ridgeback. And once you "catch the wave", this dog will surprise you with his intelligence and his extraordinary abilities!

Due to the fact that the season for puppies is just a couple of months in a year, it is quite difficult to find a puppy. Many future Thai Ridgeback owners had to wait for their puppy for months, even years, but it seems that this dog is worth it.

The Thai Ridgeback removes your obligation to engage in caring in the sense that you were so afraid of, but he remains the very same dog that needs your care, your attention and your love.

Actually, the Thai Ridgeback is a perfect dog for the house in all respects, if such a dog exist at all!

Health problems: Generally due to the natural development the Thai Ridgeback is a very healthy and hardy breed. Still some of this dogs may be prone to hip dysplasia.

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