Bracco Italiano general features, temperament, health


FCI # 202, Origin: Italy, Group 7.1 Continental Pointing Dogs.

Height: 21-26 in, Weight: 55-88 pounds

Grooming: Low, Shedding: Medium, Coat: short and silky.

Color: white with orange or brown markings.

Ease of training: High, Energy level: High, Span of life: 13-15 years.

Breed: Bracco Italiano is a hunting breed, that refers to the seventh group of FCI and is highly respected not only in Italy but also in many other countries.

Bracco is an ancient breed mentioned in records dating to the fourth and fifth centuries AD. Most likely, the breed originated from the union of some Molossoid breeds and the Egyptian Hounds. Also Bracco is the ancestor of many modern working dogs.

Several centuries ago, hunters in Italy were breeding Bracco for only one type of hunting - to drive a game into the traps (mostly nets). With the invention of a gun Bracco are helping in various types of hunting up to this day. Although the breed has evolved to suit the needs of the hunter, it remained close to it's original type.

In Italy, Bracco is highly respected as a working gundog and today dogs of this breed go to hunting activities and benefit more than others. Bracco is more popular than any other gundog breeds available in Italy, including the Spinone.

In the United Kingdom Bracco Italiano are mainly companions. Nevertheless, almost all dogs of this breed participate in various kinds of works -  tracking work, work in the field, working trials and also they work as a dogs-therapists. Jonathan and Shaw Liz were the first people, who imported the breed to the Great Britain. In 1988, attending trials in Italy, to take a look at the Spinone, they have seen Bracco for the first time.

Those Bracchi made a great impression on them, and later in the spring of 1989 first Bracco arrived to England. He was named Zerbo. Most of the first Bracco Italiano were imported to the UK by Jonathan and Shaw Liz. From 1989 until today in the UK there were received only seven litters. This method of "quality, not quantity" in the breeding is tested, and ensures that the breed remains genuine to create a solid foundation for the future of Bracco Italiano in the UK.


General Features: Bracco Italiano is strong and harmoniously built dog, creating the impression of a great strength. Desired type of this breed: dry-type constitution, the muscles are well developed, well-defined lines and distinctive sculptural shape of a head. All this elements are providing a very special look to this breed.

Important proportions. The body length is the same or slightly longer than the height at the withers. Length of the Bracco's head is equivalent to 4 / 10 of the height at the withers, it's width is measured from the brow and it must less than half of it's length. The length of muzzle and skull is the same.

The coat of Bracco Italiano is short. Colors: white-orange and roano-brown. This dogs are hardy and adaptable to any type of hunting, devoted to their owners, obedient and easy to train.

Temperament: For Italians Bracco is a true gem. And hunting with them is a ritual that requires beautiful clothes, expensive weapons and other fancy things, turning a vulgar shooting innocent birds in the beautiful theater, during which the bird, as such, in general, is not particularly important. The main thing is not to kill the prey, but to look elegant and have a good time - this is so Italian! And of course Bracco Italiano is able to satisfy the needs of the most exquisite esthete: it is not enough that this dog is beautiful by itself, she also moves like a dancer.

Clever Bracco is very easy to humanize. This dog captures everything on the fly and as long as she sees how people are doing something, she'd try to do the same. As a result, these dogs are easily opening any door, they can cope with even a hook or latch, they are easily pulling out all the drawers and restoring order in their contents, and so on. And if you will try to punish Bracco, he pretends immediately, that he is just a poor dog, but he still loves you so much: Come on, boss, do not be angry, better stroke me! Naturally, the owner immediately forgives everything. Which from the educational point of view is not exactly correct.

Energetic, reckless and relentless in hunting and walking, at home Bracco Italiano becomes a lazy coach potato. She can lie for hours in the sun (which is not very typical for dogs, usually they are reasonably going to the shade). Bracco is thermophilic, like an orchid, and in the winters the owner will have to get this dog some clothes. It is unlikely, that Bracco would like to swim in the cold water, but actually they love water and swim beautifully. And in fact, these strong and sturdy dog ??????differs with the excellent health, but at home, they prefer to pretend to be some fragile flowers.

Bracco Italiano has several vital principles and it is unlikely, that he will ever break them. Thus, these magnificent dogs believe that their place is in the armchair. And if you do not select a private armchair for Bracco, she will provide it to herself. It is almost impossible to kick this dog out from her favorite couch - and not because she will not obey. She will. And she will go sadly to the place, where she was sent, but not for long. As soon as possible Bracco returns to the couch and she will sit there so beautifully that you just will not be able to raise your hand to chase her out of there. Bracco appreciates personal comfort - people that are familiar with this breed argue that this dogs are not spoiled, but they have just some tactile needs: even the newborn pups are not lying helter-skelter, but they are trying to slide into a pyramid and make themselves as much comfortable, as it is possible. 

They like to be touched by something soft and pleasant, they even like to be wiped with a towel. Well, when they are stroked it's just a holiday! And if most of the other hounds, if stroked,  will start to turn around from joy, not the same excitable Bracco, when you stroke her, immediately freezes and falls into a nirvana. So to say that Bracco is tender is to say nothing. She quietly gets to you while you are busy with something, and only after some time, you will be surprised to notice that, it turns out, that for a long time already you are stroking the short silky coat of your Bracco Italiano. If Bracco is brought up badly, he will simply make everyone tired with his tenderness, trying to climb in somebody's arms, which is certainly nice, but not always appropriate.


Bracco are very loyal to their people. They prefer to communicate with their owner even more, than with other dogs, and for the company of their beloved person they are willing to do anything, even to be trained. Moreover, during training  these dogs, that actually have an excellent appetite, you do not need any dog treats. Just pat them, they will be happy to do anything for you. And they really appreciate the praise: these dogs love to please. This charming vanity facilitates communication with this dogs, because for the good word they are willing to make wonders.

However, when dealing with Bracco, you must forget about the obedience of a German Shepherd for example: in these beautiful Italians there is pretty much of... not even obstinacy, but some very feminine coquetry. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, your Bracco Italiano may refuse to enter the house through the door, although through this exactly door she went already at least a million times - she will stand stock-still, eyes rolled up and her whole appearance declares: Oh, no! I would not go, I do not want to, I will not! And now you have to push her through that door, and she is pleased - cheers, dog was touched! In short, you have to treat this dog has like a child, capricious, but still nice. However, a certain hardness is still needed - so sometimes Bracco suddenly abandons his usual meal, while portraying the desperate hunger and hinting the hosts that this strange food is quite impossible to eat, and it would be better to give the poor dog that wonderful piece of filet mignon from the owner's table. And people should never give up the dog food, otherwise there will be no such a thing in your Bracco's life anymore - you will have to feed her Australian steaks as long as she does not feel an urge to move on oysters or foie gras.

However, if Bracco Italiano is properly treated -which means loved, but not spoiled - the dog of this breed will be the best of all your friends. Affectionate, loyal, playful, always friendly and welcoming with even a strangers, both lazy and indefatigable, open and watchful, it will make any dog lover happy. But that person must necessarily accept the fact that a pair of five-minute walks will not do here, Bracco needs a good exercise.

Bracco gets along pretty well with the other pets in the house, but the jealous nature of Italian does not allow her to calmly watch as her owner is kissing someone besides her. In this case she just pushes her head with this cute long ears between the owner's arm and a competitor, because in the presence of Bracco the owner should pet only Bracco. Because certainly Bracco Italiano is better than anyone.

Health problems: Bracco Italiano is a very healthy and hardy breed. Still the owner must pay enough attention to the ears of this dog. Because of the shape of their ears Bracco Italiano are often prone to different ear infections.