Yorkshire Terrier - General Features, Temperament, Health problems

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FCI # 86, Origin: Great Britain, Group 3.4 Toy Terriers

Height: 6-7 in, Weight: 7 pounds

Grooming: High, Shedding: Low, Coat: Silky coat without undercoat.

Color: Steel blue and tan.

Ease of training: High, Energy level: Medium, Span of life: 12-15 years.

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier was bred not so long ago - in the late 19th century, and originally it was a working dog. Yes, this little ball of wool desperately and effectively fought with the rats, clearing houses of the English commoners from the rodents. Of course, the history of those small Terriers that gave a rise to this breed, began much earlier. Homeland of all Terriers are the British Isles, whose inhabitants have used their bold energetic dogs for hunting burrowing animals. The first evidences of the existence of these animals belong to the 1st century BC! Long-haired terriers were known already in the sixteenth century - then they were considered an indispensable hunters. According to the descriptions, these dogs are very similar to the modern Yorkies, especially the silky hair, falling on both sides of their bodies. With the help of this little dogs people were hunting otters, foxes and badgers, and at that time the small Terriers were showing a lot of courage in their work.

This period also witnessed the development of a tiny lap dogs, and the prices for those little pooches sometimes reached the unimaginable proportions. In Victorian times the ladies believed, that it was improper to appear in the on public without a tiny living toys on their hands.

Experts argue that in Yorkies there is a blood of many Terriers: Paisley, Claydesdail, Skye Terriers, Dandy-Dinmont Terriers, Manchester Terriers. The modern Yorkshire Terrier has inherited from his ancestors an extraordinary coat and the courageous temper, losing any aggressiveness. Apparently, the first individuals were obtained by natural mating of various animals, until there appeared a little dog with a coat of bluish-steel color with golden shimmer. This looks were so much appreciated by the fanciers of a tiny dogs, that the new small-sizes dogs were purposefully bred, they built the groundwork for the birth of a new breed.

In 1873 happened a significant event in the history of the dog breeding - there was organized the English Kennel Club and opened the studbook of Great Britain. From this point the milestones of the breed Yorkshire Terrier were officially recorded.

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The name of this breed of Terriers came from the name of the County Yorkshire, where, according to the experts of Kennel Club, there was first noticed a very large number of similar dogs. So, the purposeful breeding of Yorkshire Terriers started, and in 1898 there was officially accepted the first breed standard.

It is believed that all modern Yorkies have a single common ancestor - the dog named Ben Hadersfield, who's owners were the true fanciers and enthusiastic popularizes of the breed.

Among the descendants of this famous Yorkie there was made a methodical work on the alignment of some important characteristics such as weight, size, length and quality of coat and it's color, and finally, breeders have achieved their goal. This is a modern Yorkshire Terrier with a blue back and a golden shimmer of a long soft coat - a great friend and loyal companion.

General Features: The appearance of the breed Yorkshire Terrier, according to the standard: coat is long, sloping from the parting on the back. Parting passes through the body of a dog from nose to tail. Dog is proportionally built, with a straight back and perfect posture.
The character of a Yorkshire Terrier is brave but not aggressive.

Skull is small and flat. The muzzle is not long, nose is black. Teeth are white, meet scissor bite. The eyes are proportional, not too big. Eye color is dark. The ears are V shaped, erect. Ears are covered with brownish hair. The tail is covered with the hair of a gray-silver color, it must be docked to meet the standard. Front and hind legs are straight, the hair on the legs is golden with the reddish-brown tinge, but this color should not go beyond the line of the knee. The paws are rounded, claws are dark.

Coat covering the body is of medium length. According to the standard the coat has a silky texture. Color of the coat is dark blue-steel. The hair on the head is long, golden with shades of reddish-brown.

Temperament: Small size, funny looks and a complete lack of aggressiveness in the character make this dog an ideal pet for any family. It is easy to keep the Yorkshire Terrier in a city apartment, a lack of undercoat eliminates all the problems associated with shedding and fur flying all over the house.

Unfortunately, the popularity of this breed among all kinds of celebrities and pop stars, who have made Yorkie a part of their image, created a stereotype in the perception of the breed. Meanwhile, the Yorkshire Terrier is worthy of genuine respect. He is certainly not just some kind of a decorative creature, but a true friend, a tireless companion and simply very smart dog.

Yorkshire Terrier is indeed a wonderful companion, ready to follow you anywhere: on a walk, a car trip or a visit. With an active and accommodating nature, this little dog is the most loyal companion for virtually anyone: children and adults. The Yorkshire Terrier is able to unite the entire family around himself, as he is the center of attention, love and a constant source of good emotions.

Yorkie is a small and docile dog, care for him is not difficult. A haircut for the Yorkshire Terrier you will be quite able to do by yourself: the Internet is full of many references to this subject. Of course if you have enough funds, it will be better to trust your dog's grooming to the professionals, and for the show dogs the services of a professional groomer are a must.

Being a classical companion lap dog, a Yorkshire Terrier requires a frequent brushing. But do not worry - if you can properly organize this procedure, use special cosmetics and combs, as well as accustom your pet to the combing, it can become a very enjoyable daily activity for both - you and your Yorkie; also during this time you can get an extra portion of communication with this lovely trustful creature.

A very special pleasure for women-owner of Yorkies - dressing animals. A lot of different suits, coats, pants and jackets, dresses and even shoes and hats are making the Yorkshire Terriers completely irresistible. All clothes for dogs can be bought in special stores, through the Internet, ordered especially for your dog or even you can make it by yourself. For those women who know the art of knitting, there is no better reward than the contemplation of her own pet dressed in the bright sweater. And the demonstration of Yorkie's clothes to your friends, acquaintances and passers-by sometimes delivers no less joy than showing of your own new dresses.

Nowadays it is not a problem to choose the Yorkshire Terrier, since many kennels offer puppies of this breed. Visit several breeders, talk to them, see how their dogs are treated, in which conditions your future puppy is growing up. And when you found already a good reputable breeder - just choose your own Yorkie, a little friend that will become for you an additional source of optimism and vitality for many years.

Yorkshire Terrier dog breed

Ease of maintenance was the reason for the Yorkie's mass distribution throughout the world. In the apartment or in the big house, in the car and in the airplane, even in the store and at the hairdresser's shop - everywhere Yorkshire Terrier is always welcome, everywhere he is making people happy. If you are a fancier of a long-distance trips, do not be afraid to take a Yorkshire Terrier with you. Unlike other breeds, most of these little pooches are tolerating cars very well. Yorkie will not make your car seats dirty, because this dog do not shed. In the presence of a relevant documents the transportation of this little dog by train or plane will also not be a problem.

Yorkshire Terrier puppies are adorable, lively and always very curious. They more resemble tiny plush dogs, while an adult Yorkie with his coat falling like a blue-steel mantle, looks like a person of a royal blood.

Though outwardly Yorkie looks like a lovely plush toy, one must remember that this is a living creature that requires constant attention, care, and communication.

Educating your Yorkshire Terrier enhances emotional bond between you and your dog and  simply delivers a lot of pleasant moments.

Most owners are trying to teach their Yorkies to be social dogs. Showing this living miracle to the others is not the only aim of taking your dog out. It is equally important to teach Yorkshire Terrier to behave quietly in any situation - it will be useful at the dog shows and any kinds of a social activities of the owner.

Many lap dogs are quite bad tempered and representatives of toy breeds are sometimes aggressive, nervous, even furtive. All these deficiencies are deprived in the Yorkshire Terrier - a real aristocrat, not only by his appearance, but also by his character. Yorkie is not yapping on every and any occasion, is not trying to bite any stranger, is not trying to steal food from the table. He gets along well with all family members, including small children. Also most of the Yorkshire Terriers are living just fine with cats and other pets in the house.

For many urban residents it is not possible to keep a large or even medium sized dog - not much people are willing to put up with dirt, long walks twice a day and spending a lot of money on food. The emergence of Yorkie would not cause all this problems, because this little cutie can be fine with just a short walks, does not leave hair on the carpets and furniture, and besides, he is eating a very small amounts of food. If many other dogs are demanding long walks and exercises, the Yorkshire Terrier will be fine using the doggy toilet at home, and going out into the street only when there is a good weather.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, you have to solve a very important question: what level of dog you are willing to have. Care and training of a Yorkshire Terrier of the show-class will require a lot of effort and money from the owner. Each showing at the exhibition puts a lot of responsibility on the owner, because it is the elite representatives of all breeds of dogs are making the foundation of the gene pool and the guidelines for the breeders. However, any Yorkshire Terrier - a champion or a simple pet - is able to bring joy to those people who will decide to make this unique dog a member of their family.

Health problems: Some Yorkshire Terriers are prone to the eye issues. The teeth of a Yorkshire Terrier often need a special attention.

FCI # 86, Origin: Great Britain, Group 3.4 Toy Terriers

Height: 6-7 in, Weight: 7 pounds

Grooming: High, Shedding: Low, Coat: Silky coat without undercoat.

Color: Steel blue and tan.

Ease of training: High, Energy level: Medium, Span of life: 12-15 years.

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