Rottweiler general features, temperament, health

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FCI #147, Group 2 Section 2, Origin: Germany,

Height: 23-27 in, Weight: 90-130 lb

Grooming:LOW, Shedding:MEDIUM, Coat: short, dense, hard

Color:  black and mahogany.

Ease of training: HIGH, Energy level: MEDIUM, Span of life: 10-12 years

Breed: Not everyone knows that this German breed has almost two thousand years of genealogy. Imagine a 74 BC. Passing through the Alps there stretches a huge army. Behind the combat units were moving the countless herds of cattle, massive short-haired, tireless and courageous dogs were guarding the live stock. That was the eleventh legion of Claude August. "Claudia pia fidelia" was aimed at the conquest of southern Germany. A wonderful country with beautiful fertile land. Another achievement of the great Rome. On the high bank of the river Neckar was the perfect place to camp, where people, horses and dogs could rest. Dogs were playing a major role at the camps, guarding the herds on the vast grasslands.

In the year 260 the Romans withdrew their army from the territory of the modern county of Wurttemberg. But the dogs stayed. We do not know how they were called at that time.

Roman Molosser dogs were the ancestors of Russian sheepdogs, Pyrenean Shepherds, Hungarian Komondor.

In the old days in the Roman colonies in the valley of the Neckar there were extensive pastures, and cattle flourished. Along with the revival of livestock trading arose the demand for the so-called "Roman dogs" because of their valuable qualities. These brave, intelligent dogs were perfectly guarding the cattle. Willingly and even with great excitement and they were also pulling carriages.

In those days, "breeders" have managed to get a very successful instances of such dogs, and even set the desired direction in breeding. This determined that the nature of the modern Rottweiler is very similar to the character and qualities of his ancestors that existed twenty centuries ago.

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The name "Rottweiler" is associated with the city Rottweil, situated on the banks of the Rhine, where was placed an old camp Arae Flaviae.

Thanks to its location at the crossroads of trade routes, Rottweil soon became a famous trading center. Many people were arriving at the cattle fairs, and with them arrived their dogs - assistant and defenders of their masters. Sometimes, dogs 'transported' wallets with cash, for security reasons attached to the collar. The first information about these stories date back to the the XV century. Metzgerhund (butchers dogs) - were harnessed to a carts loaded with meat. Ancestors of Rottweilers were called "butcher's dogs" for a long time - until the nineties of the last century. But at this time the German authorities issued an order banning the transportation of meat by urban and rural roads. There have been allowed only meat transportation by rail. Thus, dogs from Rottweil lost their main job.

However, thanks to the qualities inherited from their ancestors (absolute loyalty to the man, hard work, toughness, resistance, unpretentiousness), Rottweilers were once again hired: at this time - in the police.

But despite that for the dogs of Rottweil (Rottweilermetzgerhund) there came hard times. Their number decreased. In 1882 at the dog show there was exhibited only one Rottweiler - and it was not the best representative of the breed.

There is no mentioning of a breed Rottweiler until 1901, when there was founded the united club of Rottweilers and Leonbergers. It did not exist for a long time, but left its mark, because under its influence there was written the first standard for the breed Rottweiler. The main thing is that the breed did not lose it's type or character from that time.

During the years 1901-1907 Rottweiler gained recognition as a police dog. At January 13, 1907 was organized the German Rottweiler Club (DRK - Deutscher Rottweiler Klub), and at 26 April of the same year - the International Rottweiler Club (IRK - Internationaler Rottweiler Klub). In August 14, 1921 in Wurzburg there was founded a National Rottweiler Club of Germany - ADRK. There were registered officially 3400 Rottweilers.

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General Features: The last breed standard was adopted in 2000 in Germany. It describes the exterior and the psychological characteristics of the Rottweiler. The dog's behavior is characterized as balanced, calm and harmonious. Rottweilers quickly become attached to their owners. Generally the dogs of this breed are quite easy to train. Most Rottweilers show positive attitude towards children. This is the ideal guard dog. According to the standard the Rottweiler should not look too fat or too slim. Power and harmony are the distinctive features of the Rottweiler's body. Back of a Rottweiler is straight, chest and croup - wide.

Black color predominates in the Rottweiler's coat. The reddish-brown markings are located in the area of ??????the eyes, cheeks, chest, legs and tail of a Rottweiler. Skull of a Rottweiler should have a nice shape - not too long and not too short. The forehead is not very prominent, head is well developed, but not bulging. The nose is broad and black in color. The dog has a strong jaws and a strong teeth. Teeth of a Rottweiler must meet the scissors bite.

Skin on the head of a Rottweiler at rest should not be wrinkled or folded. The ears are in a hanging position, reminiscent of a letter V. Rottweiler has a rather short neck, with well developed muscles. On the neck should not be present any fats or folds. Rottweiler's tail by the latest rules should not be docked -it must be left in it's natural form. In the normal position the tail is in a shape of a sable. Legs of a Rottweiler are well muscled. Hips of moderate length, legs are long. Limbs must not be placed too close to each other. Rottweiler must move confidently. His moves are somewhat heavy, but elegant. While walking the Rottweiler is making quite a large steps.

Thinness, poorly developed muscles, pointed muzzle, the head of an irregular shape are considered as a faults. Also, pendulous lips, cleft nose, straight bite and many other features. The rottweiler will be disqualified in case he has a behavioral problems (excessive aggression, nervousness, irritability, etc.), long or wavy coat, color, different from the standard, the lack of teeth.

Temperament: Rottweiler belongs to the Molossoid type of dogs - the name of a group, which differs with a massive built, muscular, strong jaws, courage and devotion to their masters.

Rottweiler by his functions is a guarding dog. This breed of dogs was created in the eighteenth century in Germany, in the town of Rottweil, which gave the name to the breed.

The Rottweiler is characterized by his calmness, he is naturally balanced and not prone to any mood swings. But if this dog feels any threat in relation to himself or his master, the reaction of a Rottweler will be fast like a lightning: not everyone is able to bear a Rottweiler's attack. In the house where people are planning to keep a Rottweiler, they must remember that poor psychological climate in a family - quarrels and fuss - can trigger  dog's guarding instincts, and then the Rottweiler will become restless and unbalanced. Rottweiler requires peaceful conditions of living, he loves the calm and harmonious rhythm of life. If the dog feels comfortable in his house, in this case his devotion to the family will be limitless.

Keep in mind that all the positive qualities of the Rottweiler do not appear in one moment: the dog should be allowed to grow and get his own experiences. Excessive pressure and training may affect the character of the Rottweiler, making him an aggressive creature, that is dangerous to the others.

The Rottweiler can be both: a caretaker and companion to the family and serve in the police or rescue service. In addition, Rottweilers are great for people with disabilities - they make excellent guide dogs. But whatever purpose will be chosen for a Rottweiler - this dog should be trained and brought up by the person with a strong character. Only the persistent and exacting master will be able to raise up a Rottweiler with the sense of respect for orders. Otherwise, if this dog is given too much independence, he can simply get out of control.

Just like any other dog, a Rottweiler can become despondent if he will feel the lack of attention from his owners.

When this  breed was created, the very special attention was given to such qualities as loyalty, balanced character and courage. These qualities describe the nature of the Rottweiler. All these features of his disposition are transmitted from generation to generation, and no training can affect them, in case your Rottweiler came from a good responsible breeder.

Rottweiler most of the time is in a good mood, he is always happy to take part in fun and games. This dog - if comes from a reputable breeder and if raised up properly - is friendly towards people. Being among people, the Rottweiler is usually calm, unruffled. This dog knows his place and never panics for no reason. Rottweiler gives his voice only in case something is really happening - he never barks in vain. In general, this dog is not very temperamental, impulsiveness or restlessness are not characteristic to the Rottweiler.

Rottweiler is quite suitable for life in the urban apartment. The only thing you must always remember - that this dog needs exercise and intense physical exertion. Therefore, it is necessary to provide your Rottweiler the opportunity to have a long walks and a certain amount of daily physical and mental work.

The coat of a Rottweiler requires constant care. To make it shiny and smooth, the dog must be regularly brushed. In addition, this procedure is beneficial for the skin and is a kind of massage that improves Rottweiler's muscle condition.

For brushing will be the best if you could use a special glove. It not only tidies the Rottweiler's coat, but also removes fallen hairs and dirt from the dog's body.

Health problems: Some Rottweilers are prone to the hip dysplasia. Be careful not to overfeed your Rottweiler, because dogs of this breed can gain weight easily.

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