Golden Retriever

FCI #111, Origin: United Kingdom (Scotland)

Height: 22-24 in, Weight: 55-65 lb (female), 65-75 lb (male)

Grooming: Medium, Shedding: High, Coat: dense, soft, medium length,

Color: cream, gold, "yellow"

Ease of training: High, Energy level: MEDIUM, Span of life: 10-12 years

Breed:  Old Caucasian Shepherds are the ancestors of golden retriever. They were reliable guardians of sheep flocks in Russia, slow and incorruptible. Lord Tvidmut have seen these dogs in the circus, they have made an indelible impression on him, and he decided to buy them. The Lord brought the dogs in Scotland, where they became known as retrievers - the circus dogs. In 1868  golden dog of this breed was crossed with female of Tweed water spaniel. Further breed was formed after crossing with an Irish setters and newfoundlands. Eventually the breed was approved in 1920. In those times the "goldens" were mostly of dark color. Later the cream color  was included to standard.

General Features: The best in the world of words - beauty, strength, grace and harmony - can be used to describe this breed. Golden Retriever - a beautiful, elegant dog sturdy and with good-natured kind. The body is compact, chest deep. The wool is dense, waterproof, with well developed undercoat.  The characteristic features of the breed are wealth of the wool cover and decorative shine of it. Coat color is rich golden with various shades of brilliance.

Temperament: Goldens are attractive dogs with very good character. They always are gentle and eager to please. The extraordinary popularity of the breed is due to excellent hunting qualities of the retriever  combined with impeccable behavior and beauty. Thanks to  comprehension and affable disposition goldens often became  guides of blind people, dogs-therapists and work-dogs. Anywhere they can become the perfect family pets and great companions.

Health problems: Unfortunately due to improper breeding in this breed are undesirable properties (cowardice, aggressiveness, physical defects). You must choose good breeder and health parents when you will decide to take golden retriever puppy.

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