Dog Clothes

Many are skeptical of dog clothing, thinking that the dog is just an animal, an organism, which naturally seems to be adapted to any weather conditions. However, we forget that pets are no longer similar to their relatives living in the wild. Over the recent years we have "humanized" our pets very much, letting them to sleep with us in our warm beds, using expensive cosmetics to groom them, taking them to the beauty salons, and so on, and so forth, thus we have turned our dogs to almost houseplants. Our dogs now are even having a diseases similar to human, such as respiratory, caused mostly by hypothermia, and in the hot days some of our dogs are not uncommon to get a sunstroke. In this case, there is the perennial question arises: should we not be responsible for our pets? And first of all, responsible for health and life of our beloved ones? Looks like the answer is very obvious.

Today the clothes for hairless and short haired dogs, especially of a small breeds, has become not just a pampering from them master, but a necessity, especially during the cold season. When going outside in the freezing cold we will not forget to wrap ourselves in a warm clothes and the warmer - the better, so why should we think that it is not so necessary for our dogs or they do not freeze? Clothes for dogs, especially in the winter, make it possible not only to preserve the health of our pets, but also allows the animal to enjoy going out, even in the cold season, for so much longer!

It is also not a secret that the dogs - especially of a small breeds - are mostly owned by women, and as we - women - have a very loving and scrupulous attitude to the fashion, then many of us want our little doggies to look at least not worse, than we do. No one will really disagree - it feels nice when you walk down the street, holding on a leash or carrying on your hands a cute living doll, which causes a lot of positive emotions in bystanders! It is especially great when our dogs also enjoy it themselves and they even are trying to play along, imagining themselves such a fashionable dandies!

It is important to remember that the clothes designed for your pet should not turn him into a "parrot", they should be convenient, practical, well-protecting from the weather and they must not constrain the movements of dogs during walks. For this time clothes must become sort of a second skin for the dog.

Fashionable dog is the real pride of it's owner. In the world there is an entire industry, providing Poodles and Chihuahuas, Pekingese and Yorkshire Terriers, as well as many other dogs of a "glamorous" breeds, with the elegant hairstyles, makeup and, of course, a special stylish clothes.

Clothes for dogs - is a very hot topic, because some owners are paying much more attention to their dogs, than for themselves. To create a pet heaven on earth nothing seems to be enough: beautiful couches and ottomans, velvet pillows and baskets, comfortable bowls and a variety of toys, bags for carrying "The Royalty" and accessories: great collars, barrettes for the long hair and bows. And, of course, the for the beloved the exclusive wardrobe should be selected.

Let's see what kind of clothing for dogs can offer us the world's dog fashion boutiques. This is, first of all, dresses and tunics. As an option - the top with a skirt. If you want to make your dog to look coquettishly - you can restrict just with a skirt. If you like your pup to look like a stylish and brutal "macho" - for muscular torso of a Bulldog you can choose a bright shirt with some amusing inscription. A vest of a bright color will also look very cute on such a dog.

Among the proposals of the most famous designers you can find pants and the whole suits, coats, vests and jumpers, sweatshirts and jackets, shirts and T-shirts, and harnesses as well. Different colors, funny labels, expensive decorations ... By the way, if your dog needs clothes for some special occasions - you can find those in the boutiques also - a real cocktail dress or elegant suit. Pay attention to the ??Luxury?? sections - there you will find all these expensive things for dog weddings, birthday celebrations and any other parties and special events.

Dogs of some breeds can literally wear just any clothes from the boutique, the main thing is that they will be of the right size. And for some breeds, with a special structure of the body there should be designed a special clothing, which takes into account the muscular Bulldog or, for example, an elegant Chinese Crested Dog.

In general, the clothing for dogs is designed to satisfy any demand of a dog or a dog owner - it can be glamorous or funny. Also the clothes for dogs are sometimes just necessary and should be comfortable in any case.

Many dogs do not need clothes for the sake of beauty. For them it is an urgent need - in the cold climate the poor cuties are freezing.  Warm and comfortable suits for dogs are designed specifically for individual breeds and weight classes, they do not hamper the movements and allow your pet to walk and play freely outside in the fresh air.

When the little dog is cold, you'll see how it shakes. For your pup did not to freeze, it is possible to buy him a coat or cloak. But overheating is also not good - if it is not cold outside. In a cool weather, it will be the best to offer your pet walking in the jacket or - not to get wet in the rain - in a raincoat. For dogs with the long beautiful coats it is quite important (especially if they participate in the Dog Shows often).

And, of course, do not forget the shoes! You will enjoy it by yourself when your pet will return from a walk clean and tidy.

Of course, a dog dressed in stylish clothes have a guaranteed attention from everyone around. And your dog for sure deserves all this attention, itn't it?

roberto cavalli dog clothesRoberto Cavalli dog clothes

The Italian designer Roberto Cavalli presented a collection of clothing for animals - Roberto Cavalli Pets.

Now your pet can wear clothes (coveralls, jackets, sweaters and even panties) from one of the most famous designers in the world. Since the collection is released, in all Roberto Cavalli boutiques you can buy adorable clothing for medium and small sized dogs.

If your pet's size is not there, Roberto Cavalli is ready to sew clothes for him, custom-made by the master.

All dresses are made from the finest fabrics (as well as leather and suede) and have a spectacular decorative elements (lace, stripes, satin ribbons). Some models are decorated with the famous leopard print.

Now our darling dogs can be dressed not worse than their owners. And it is even now possible to create some "corporate identity" for the doggy and his owner. Fashion tendencies for pets do not differ from human. The collection is designed of all of the same animalistic prints, leopard detales and variegated colors.

By the way, Roberto Cavalli is very well known for his love to animals and he has a whole zoo at home. His mansion is a home for two monkeys, seven parrots, iguana and three dogs.

mulberry dog clothesMulberry dog clothes

For those who have not yet bought a warm winter clothes for their pets, a popular British brand Mulberry has released a specially designed warm coats and coats of fur for the cold winter. Despite the basic profile of London luxury-brand, that is engaged in expensive leather bags and accessories, a collection of sheepskin coats for dogs has already become a hit on the shores of Albion. The price for those clothes is quite high, but does not your dog deserve it?

deni alexander dog clothesDeni Alexander dog clothes

If you would like to dress your darling puppy like a movie star, then the collection of a dog clothes, made by Deni Alexander is just what you are looking for.

Deni Alexander for many years was designing costumes for the theater, but once she decided to make a raincoat for her Pug named Miso, because she simply could not find anything suitable for her beloved pet in the shops. That's how Deni started her new carrier - designing dog clothes.

Today in her latest collection you can find an amazing dresses and suits for doggies (especially Pugs). Also the sportswear, coats and (of course!) the fancy raincoats are available.

oscar newman dog clothesOscar Newman dog clothes

Another luxurious brand for pets - Oscar Newman - the source of elegance and happiness for our pampered doggies. Two ladies - Charisa Antigua and Carmina O'Connor - are the founders of this designing house, which is making an outstanding clothes for pets since 70th.

Nowadays the pet clothing from Oscar Newman can be seen on the dogs of the most famous celebrities. Of course, not everyone is able to buy a very expensive clothes for his dog, so the company launched another line of dog clothing - less expensive. Now everyone can pumper his doggy with some fashion wear.

emma rose designs dog clothesEmma Rose Designs dog clothes

One more name for those, who are always ready to spoil their dogs with the fancy clothes - Emma Rose Designs. If you were always dreaming about the doggy wear, made exclusively for your favorite pup, you wouldn't miss this design house. Every single piece is sewed by a personal order - that's why all this dresses and suites perfectly fit their four-legged owners, no matter how big or small they are. Clothes from Emma Rose Design are a real "haute couture" for dogs and a great pleasure for their owners.