Breeder’s Choice brand pet food rations are produced by Central Garden & Pet Company. They were first introduced in 1947. Although at first this was only one product line, in 1960, Breeder’s Choice already had a series of different types of pet rations.

Breeder’s Choice is a socially active, responsible company. In 2003, it introduced a campaign for the importance of relationships between people suffering from cancer and pet animals. The name of this campaign is “Caring for Both Ends of the Leash”.


Breeder’s choice has several product lines with different qualities: canine food rations, supplements, special treats. Many of these formulas are rich in carbohydrates (the first ingredient in them may be brown rice). All Breeder’s choice formulas are packed with 100% natural preservatives, namely vitamin E (mixed tocopherols).


Testimonials about Breeder’s Choice brand canine nutrition are both positive and negative. Positive reviews state that dogs are in good health when eating any of the Breeder’s Choice formulas. Negative reviews show concern about the fact that these formulas contain too many vegetable components. For example, in Breeder’s Choice Avoderm rations, avocado is included. This ingredient is somewhat controversial, because some experts consider it not very healthy for dogs. Also, some dog owners dislike brown rice, a vegetable carbohydrate, as the first ingredient in some of the formulas. Though brown rice is a complex carbohydrate, not simple carbohydrate (which is not good for dogs), some pet owners would rather treat their pets with a canine nutrition formula that does not contain so many vegetable carbohydrates.