California Natural brand canine nutrition rations are produced by Natura Pet Products. Other pet nutrition brands of this enterprise are EVO, Innova, HealthWise, Karma, Mother Nature. California Natural is a special nutrition rations line developed for good health of dogs with a sensitive digestive system.


California Natural canine nutrition rations are specially fit for allergy-prone dogs. Their formulas include only one carbohydrate source, one protein source and one fat source in each ration. So, because of simple content, if a source of allergy is known, it is easy to eliminate it from a dog???s diet. In California Natural???s canine nutrition formulas, there are no low-quality products, ???filler??? components, any artificial, or in any other way harmful additives. Also, in these formulas, there are no such vegetable components as soy, corn, wheat, and others.


Customers are mostly positive about California Natural brand canine nutrition rations, yet, about 1/3 owners are negative. Many positive reports are made by owners of allergic dogs: they state that California Natural is a good food for their pets, eliminating food allergy symptoms rather quickly. They had no problems with these rations. Other dog owners, however, seemed to have a certain problem with California Natural formulas. This was a digestion problem with their dogs, with symptoms including loose stools, strong diarrhea, flatus, blood in stools, bloating, loss of hair. These symptoms were with dogs that had very severe food allergies, so the reason could possibly be that the dogs suffered from allergic reactions to one of the components in the California Natural formulas.