Castor and Pollux brand canine nutrition is produced by Castor and Pollux Pet Works company. Castor and Pollux Pet Works company was founded by a married couple Shelley Gunton and Brian Connolly. They resided in Hong Kong for a long time, together with their dog Joey. They were annoyed with the fact that it was difficult to find good quality rations for the dog. So they went in for producing canine nutrition, and after some time, they organized a pet nutrition producing and distribution business in Hong Kong. Afterwards they sold it and moved back to the USA. Castor and Pollux Pet Works began working in 2000, and its product range has over 150 positions. The name of the company comes from Castor and Pollux, characters of Greek mythology, the twin sons of Zeus. Not only is this company producing canine nutrition, but also several positions of pet treats.


Castor and Pollux company produces two general lines of dry canine nutrition rations: Natural ULTRAMIX and ORGANIX. Natural ULTRAMIX are formulas which are richer in meat, their slogan is ???Essential Nutrition???, as they contain a unique mix of protein sources created by the company. The first ingredient in ULTRAMIX is high quality chicken meat. Apart from meat, the formulas also include fruit and vegetables.

ORGANIX dry canine nutrition formulas also contain organic chicken meat as first ingredient. ORGANIX contains non organic and organic components, and quality of both is strictly controlled by the Organic Certifying Agency.

Most Castor and Pollux rations are sold in a 3 lb bag, a 6 lb bag and a 15 lb bag. However, some rations may be sold in a 30 lb bag or a 25 lb bag.


Most consumer testimonials about Castor and Pollux canine nutrition rations are positive. They like the fact that these rations are rich in meat, while grain and corn are few (not even among the first five ingredients). Most dog owners report that, after giving the dogs Castor and Pollux canine nutrition, they achieved considerable benefits, such as: higher energy level, beautiful coat and improved skin condition, good digestion and appetite. Both dog owners and their dogs appreciate that Castor and Pollux formulas are based on high-quality chicken meat.
Castor and Pollux canine nutrition rations contain smaller amounts of grains, and often more ???exotic??? grains are chosen, such as millet. Although, dogs that have strong grain-based allergies may still be suffering from allergy symptoms provoked by Castor and Pollux dry food rations. Some dog owners reported that their dogs that were allergic, had runny, watery stools when fed with Castor and Pollux canine nutrition rations.

The main negative factor about Castor and Pollux formulas, noted by many dog owners, is high price!