Cesar brand canine nutrition is produced by Mars, Inc. Mars company was founded in 1911, in Tacoma, Washington. Now it is one of TOP10 largest privately held enterprises in the USA. The headquarters of Mars, Inc are located in McLean, Virginia. In addition to producing Cesar canine nutrition, Mars also produces Royal Canin pet nutrition, Pedigree and Nutro canine nutrition. Many pet nutrition formulas by Mars contained melamine and thus were recalled in 2007, yet, Cesar brand pet nutrition was never recalled.


Cesar brand canine nutrition is produced in dry and wet variants. The peculiarity of Cesar wet formulas is their ???entree-style???, imitating human meals. As for dry canine nutrition formulas, there are three of them: one for young dogs, one for adults, and one for senior dogs. Cesar brand dry canine nutrition contains much corn, often in its first five ingredients. Cesar canine nutrition formulas are originally developed to satisfy the nutritional demands of small breeds, so they are not good for large breeds.


Consumer reviews about this brand are mostly negative. Cesar brand canine nutrition has corn among its first five ingredients, that???s many dog owners do not purchase these rations. However, those who seek inexpensive variants of pets rations, purchase Cesar brand canine nutrition, as it is fairly cheap. Cesar dry canine nutrition formulas are seldom purchased in the USA. According to reviews, Cesar dry canine nutrition formulas are evidently worse than Cesar wet canine nutrition formulas.