Diamond brand pet nutrition rations are manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods. This company was created in 1970, and it is a family owned enterprise. Back in 1970 it was founded in Meta, Missouri and its headquarters are still located there. In 2005, on one of Diamond producing plants there was discovered a harmful substance ??? aflatoxin. They recalled all their products with formulas including corn which had been made at that plant, but still, many pets died of poisoning. Diamond also produces some other pet nutrition recalls.


There are two product lines of Diamond brand canine nutrition, they are named: Diamond Classics and Diamond Naturals. If we examine the ingredients - Diamond classics contains corn, soy or wheat. A lot of the formulas of Diamond Classic series contain the ground corn in the list of their ingredients. Series Diamond Naturals are classified like soy, wheat and corn free products. On the other hand, many of the Diamond Natural formulas contain a carbohydrate as their main first ingredient, which is usually brown rice. Chicken, egg product chicken meal, and oatmeal are also sometimes included in the list of the first five ingredients. Other components that are included into Diamond Naturals formulas, are the following: lamb meal, peas, chicory root, millet, cracked and pearled barley, flaxseed. Some rations are sold in bags of 8lb or 10lb, other are sold only in 20lb or 40lb packages.


There are both positive and negative feedback about the Diamond brand canine nutrition. Diamond Pet Foods had a huge blow on their reputation after they recalled their products in 2005 because of poisonous components, which caused death of many dogs. Company has expressed apologies for the incident, but of course, many people remembered Diamond Pet Foods as a third-range, unethical company. Also, dog owners dislike the fact that Diamond???s Classic nutrition formulas have grains and among their first 5 ingredients.

Nevertheless, dog owners are quite content feeding their dogs with Diamond Natural canine nutrition, and report having no problems. Because in Diamond Natural canine nutrition formulas corn, wheat and soy are replaced with brown rice, dog owners are positive about these rations.