Dogswell brand canine nutrition rations are produced by Dogswell. This company was founded in 2003, its founding father was Marco Giannini. He had a beloved German Shepherd dog in childhood. Unfortunately, his dog became sick with hip dysplasia. He gave the pet all necessary medications, but in addition, he wished to create a ???curing??? pet nutrition formula. With the help of knowledge he acquired in the past massive business projects, Marco invented Dogswell. Nowadays Marco Giannini is Dogswell CEO, with an M.B.A. degree from the Marshall Business School.

Dogswell produces not only dry canine nutrition rations, but also canned rations and treats like jerkey, ???Biscuits with Benefits???, ???Wraps & Veggies???, etc.


Dogswell brand canine nutrition rations do not contain any artificial preservative substances, such as BHA or BHT, harmful Ethoxyquin, artificial colors, hormones, processed gluten, flour, corn, wheat and soy. Thus, they are marketed as very natural.


Customer reports about Dogswell brand canine nutrition rations are very positive. The main factor appealing for dog owners is that formulas from Dogswell do not include wheat, soy, corn, and flour, they also do not include Ethoxyquin. There were some negative reports, but which were in majority from people who did not feed their pets with Dogswell rations because of the mere suspicion that some components of that food brand were produced in China. There were no reports at all (!) about dogs having digestion problems or similar health problems after eating the Dogswell brand canine nutrition formulas.