Evangers brand canine nutrition is produced by Evangers Dog & Cat Food Company. It was founded in 1935, and its founding father was Fred Evanger. This man was breeding Great Dane Dogs, and his wish was to create a nutrition ration that would be healthy and most good for championship dogs. During its 75-years-long history, Evangers has even escaped his role as ever being included in any pet food recall. Nevertheless, company actually did have its pet food production license suspended on a temporary basis by the FDA committee. Reason ??? it was found out that the methods used in production could possibly cause harmful bacteria to be left in their pet food. Supposedly, this problem had been already resolved.


Dry canine nutrition formulas from Evangers are sold in smaller 4.4 lb bags and larger 16.5 lb bags. There exist Chicken formula, Pheasant formula, and Whitefish formula. This brand is often said to be a ???super premium??? canine nutrition ration. It never contains soy, corn, wheat or fillers. One of their formulas, namely Pheasant, it suitable for dogs which have protein-based allergies.


Customers are very positive about Evangers brand canine nutrition rations. Though their license was taken away by the FDA, and journalists were very hard on it, major part of their customers have seemingly remained loyal. The main factor is that their food does not contain corn or soy, so many dog owners call it high quality canine nutrition. Another positive factor is the variety of meats included into Evangers canine nutrition formulas. Dry and canned formulas from Evangers both have good attitudes. The only wish of some customers is that there could be more probiotics in Evangers formulas.