Exceed brand canine nutrition is produced by Member’s Mark, which is a department of a giant warehouse store company named Sam’s Club. This famous multi-brand enterprise - Sam’s Club - was founded in 1983, as an additional branch to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Name of Sam’s Club was given after the founder of Walmart empire, Sam Walton. This store network includes more than 600 warehouse stores in 48 US states (except for Vermont and Oregon). Sam’s club stores are hypermarkets with a usual size of approximately 133,000 sq. feet. To become a member of Sam’s Club you need to purchase a membership in order to enter these stores. Just like the other warehouse stores, Sam’s Club encouragers buyers to get necessary products in bulk. The very first Sam’s Club store was opened in Oklahoma in year 1983.


Exceed brand canine nutrition formulas include many doubtful components that are not usually given to dogs: for example, Vitamin K3 or menadione. Some experts think that it may become the cause of health problems for dogs. Exceed brand canine nutrition rations also contain large amounts of corn and low-quality by-products, such as animal digest or chicken by-product.


Most customers are negative about Exceed brand canine nutrition. Exceed is considered to be a cheap, low-quality canine nutrition formula. Many customers think that manufacturers hold low prices on this product because of high amount of fillers, by-products, corn, wheat, and other undesirable components. Another undesirable component is garlic oil, because garlic may be a toxic component for dogs if taken in large dozes. It was also cited that the packaging process of Exceed nutrition was sometimes not at the desired level, so that rations became contaminated. Nevertheless, few positive reviews of Exceed brand canine nutrition formulas were available, which was quite surprising. These reviews called Exceed “the best available canine nutrition on the market” and praised its qualities. It is likely that these reports might be false.