Exclusive brand canine nutrition is produced by PMI Nutrition. This manufacturer’s headquarters are located in Henderson, Colorado. PMI nutrition produces not only Exclusive brand canine nutrition, but also different PMI Nutrition pet nutrition formulas. They also produce an “economy class” canine nutrition “Country Acres”.


Exclusive canine nutrition formulas are said to be fully nutritionally balanced, highly digestible, and having a low content of ash. All Exclusive dry canine nutrition rations contain flaxseed – component which helps digestion and provides Omega 3 fatty acids. Canine nutrition rations from Exclusive brand contain little of filler ingredients. Among the first 5 ingredients in their formulas, there are always protein sources of a high-quality. Moreover, Exclusive dry canine nutrition rations use fresh meat which has never been frozen.


Most dog owners are quite positive about Exclusive brand canine nutrition. Some of the dog owners think that these rations are good for allergy-prone pets, because they saw positive results after switching their dogs to rations manufactured by the Exclusive brand. Many customers note moderate price of Exclusive canine nutrition formulas, because it is really less expensive than other premium canine nutrition of similar quality. Some dog owners also state that these formulas seem to improve the condition of their dogs’ nails, skin, and coat. Another positive factor is that most of the dogs find Exclusive formulas tasty and appealing; only a few dogs needed encouragement to eat. Yet, some dog owners were slightly negative because some of Exclusive's formulas include corn gluten meal.