Great Life brand canine nutrition is produced by Doctor’s Finest Inc. This company is located in Southern part of California, and stresses their advertising campaign on their products, which are being made in the USA. Doctor’s Finest Company was founded in 1996 and has Dr. Elliott Harvey as the “face of the company” and spokesperson. He is the one who once conducted a show on the Animal Planet TV channel. Dr. Harvey has also won several awards, among which there is one from famous Animal Wellness Magazine – the “Best Products Award”. It is notable that Great Life Canine nutrition rations have never been involved in any kind of pet nutrition recalls.


Great Life Canine nutrition rations include a unique nutrition complex, cooked from freeze dried raw products and spread throughout a dry kibble. All rations from the Great Life brand include meat, which is free from antibiotics or hormones. It is also said that their formulas include premium human-grade components. Moreover, Great Life also says their formulas to be low-glycemic, retaining their nutritive qualities after being micro-waved or baked.


Reviews from customers who buy Great Life brand canine nutrition are very positive. It is considered to include highly nutritious, premium quality components. Many dog owners state that their dogs like these rations and apparently enjoy their taste. It is also very positive that most of the meat types used in preparation of Great Life canine nutrition are “free range” ones. Great Life canine nutrition seems to be good for dogs with food-based allergy kinds. Some of dog owners made notes about lowered quality control which led to such issues as plastic in a bag of kibble. Nevertheless, this seemed to be an extremely rare thing.