Horizon Legacy brand canine nutrition is produced by s company Horizon Pet Nutrition. This is a Canadian enterprise with manufacturing facilities located in Saskatchewan. This company farms and breeds 96% of all their rations ingredients themselves right in the Saskatchewan place. In addition to manufacturing the Legacy line of canine nutrition products, Horizon Pet Nutrition at the same time produces another line of canine nutrition products, called ???Horizon Complete???. Horizon Pet Nutrition produces cat nutrition as well, under the Legacy and Complete product lines.


Legacy line of canine nutrition rations from Horizon brand comes completely grain-free, and contains no ???filler??? components. Unlike many other canine nutrition rations that do not contain grain, additionally Horizon Legacy formulas do not have potatoes in their food content (unlike it is done in many other formulas ??? potatoes is an alternate starch source). Horizon???s Legacy brand is designed according to the similar nutritional principles as a raw diet, but in considerably more convenient and useful way. All ingredients, which are included in Horizon Legacy canine nutrition rations include vegetables, fruits, wild herbs, and ???human-grade??? meats. Legacy formulas of Horizon are enriched with antioxidant components such as pineapple, blueberries, cranberries. Currently there are 2 different bag sizes available for Horizon Legacy canine nutrition formulas: 8.8 lb, and 28.6 lb.


Customers have a strong positive opinion about Horizon Legacy canine nutrition rations. Dog owners praised their premium quality ingredients and said that these rations promote healthy digestion habits, shiny coat and healthy clean teeth. Horizon Legacy also has comparably moderate prices, lower than other grain-free canine nutrition formulas. The other important point ??? dogs seem to like the taste of Horizon Legacy very much, unlike with other premium-quality canine nutrition rations. It is also very positive that Horizon Legacy is free from grain and potatoes.