Iams brand canine nutrition is produced by Iams Company. Iams company was purchased in 1999 by the giant Procter & Gamble, and has since developed a big variety of nutrition products for pets. Besides manufacturing the canine nutrition, Iams also produces cat nutrition, cat and dog treats, pet food “sauces” etc. Iams also sponsors a radio show called “The Pet Hour” on Sirius XM. Iams company is operating in the market since 1940’s, when Paul Iams began his research on pet nutritions. Year 1969 is remarkable due to that Paul Iams developed a canine nutrition formula which later became the famous Eukanuba. This company experience a rapid growth, in 1970 its sales level reached $100,000. By 1999, Iams had the sales level over $900 million.

Iams got some negative reports from journalists, when “green” activists publicly released a video, which they got from a research center that was Iams-contracted. In that building scientists were making experiments on dogs in very dangerous and inhumane ways.


Iams has grown into a large business and invented number of different dry canine nutrition rations. These rations can be broken down into 3 major categories: ProActive Health, Premium Protection, and Healthy Naturals. In a majority of their rations, corn meal is included as 1st or 2nd ingredient. Also such low-quality components as chicken by-product meal, dried beet pulp, corn grits, ground whole grain sorghum, brewers’ rice etc. are included in the Top 5. Iams have a strong position and state that they implement corn ingredients into their formulas due to that “corn is an excellent source of carbohydrate”. However, many dogs have food allergies to corn and chicken, so Iams formulas will be good for them. Corn itself is usually considered to be a low-quality ingredient.


Most consumer testimonials about Iams brand canine nutrition are either neutral or negative, the latter being in the majority. Almost in 3\4 of all cases dog owners were displeased with inhumane practice Iams demonstrated while animal testing. Another reason was big percentage of corn in their nutrition rations. Corn is considered to be a “filler”, “bulk” component of canine nutrition. The dog owners whose reports were neutral stated that their dogs neither had problems nor positive health effects on Iams nutrition diet. Some dog owners noticed that the contents of Iams nutrition were replaced after Iams brand was purchased by P&G (Procter & Gamble).