Acana brand canine nutrition is produced by Champion Pet Foods, an enterprise which is located in Canada. Except for producing Acana canine nutrition, Champion Pet Foods is also known for producing Orijen brand canine nutrition. Champion Pet Foods not only produces nutrition rations for dogs, but also for cats. In a range of Acana and Orijen nutrition, there are formulas created especially for food needs of home felines.

CPF is run by a single family. This wonderfully successful family business has been functioning for approximately twenty five years already. Acana brand canine nutrition formulas are placed in the lower cost market niche, which means that they are presented as a cheaper option for dogs and cats nutrition. On the contrary, Orijen canine nutrition is quite more expensive than Acana canine nutrition. Many people think that these two brands (Acana and Orijen) are alike, just because both products are produced by the same manufacturer. However, this is not so.


Acana brand canine nutrition is made from local components, and their usual formula includes around 40% to 65% meat (depending on the specifications of the ration). So, the usual level of protein in Acana brand canine nutrition is around 29% ??? 34%. As for carbohydrates, the percentage of such ingredients in Acana nutrition fluctuates from 28% to 30%. Unlike other canine nutrition formulas produced by Champion Pet Foods, Acana obligatorily contains three kinds of fresh meat, the percentage of which ranges from 9% to 15% (depending on the ration). Most of the Acana canine nutrition rations are packed in three kinds of bag with different sizes, and their cost is, correspondingly: $12 ??? $18 for the package of smallest size, $30 ??? $37 for the package of medium size, and $58 ??? $67 for the package of largest size.


CPF has undertaken surveys among dog owners feeding their pets with Acana brand canine nutrition. There has been noticed several factors seemingly influencing presence or absence of favorable reports of dog owners. On the first place, there stands taste, which determines whether the ration seems appealing for a dog, or not. Most dog owners state that Acana brand canine nutrition seems tasty for their dogs, and is usually eaten readily, without compelling. However, there is a very small amount of dog owners, who say that, when eating Acana grain-free rations, their dogs seem not to be able to finish their portions. Though, this can possibly have a simple explanation: grain-free ration formulas are considered to be more nourishing, so their dogs possibly just require smaller portions of grain-free food, than those of common food.

There are also some reports from the dog owners stating that their dogs have considerable and regular flatus while eating Acana brand canine nutrition rations. A little amount of small dogs owners noticed that their dogs have some stool irregularities after eating Acana brand canine nutrition regularly. Yet, with owners of large dogs, there were no such complaints. All the same, evidently, this does not mean that Acana food provokes gastrointestinal problems, because flatus remains uncommon for the dogs consuming Acana food, and is relatively mild.

Among positive features of Acana canine nutrition, lots of dogs owners also named moderate price.