Addiction brand canine nutrition is produced by Addiction Foods Pte Ltd. Addiction Foods enterprise is located in New Zealand, Singapore, Te Puke. The founding fathers of this enterprise are two people, one of them being a clinical nutritionalist and another – a professional veterinarian with a holistic approach. They both were very pitiful about lots of pets suffering because of being allergic to common ingredients of pet foods. So, they decided to create pet nutrition ration which could be most hypoallergic for pets while providing complete nutrition.

Addiction Foods enterprise has been growing rapidly in the past several years. It seems to attract customers because of the exotic and appealing ingredients, of which Addiction brand canine nutrition is made. Addiction Foods currently has a wide range of dehydrated, dry and canned rations and special treats.


In the range of Addiction products, there exist eight different canine nutrition rations in “dry” variants. As sources of protein they include traditional kinds of meat (lamb and pork), exotic meat (venison, wild kangaroo), and fish (salmon).


Most dog owners are very positive about Addiction brand canine nutrition. They like the holistic approach in choosing ingredients for the food. Also, exotic meat is an attractive factor for customers. Addiction brand canine nutrition proves its suitability for allergic dogs, because the ration formulas do not contain the majority of common food allergens. In fact, almost the only thing customers complain about is that Addiction canine nutrition is really rare and hard to find in stores.