Alpo brand canine nutrition is an enterprise founded in 1936, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Its founding father’s name was Robert F. Hunsicker. In 1995, Alpo brand was bought by the Nestle Company, and in 2001, there occurred a merger of Nestle and Ralston Purina. So, nowadays the Alpo brand’s owner is called Nestle Purina Petcare Company.

In 2007, there happened Menu Nutritions Pet Nutrition Recall. Then some of canned canine nutrition formulas produced by Alpo were recalled, namely, the line of “Prime Cuts & Gravy” canned canine nutrition rations. The reason was gluten, which was reported to be bad for nutrition.


Alpo brand canine nutrition has a long history and a renowned brand-name. So, it is quite familiar to many dog owners. Nowadays Alpo has quite a number of different canned canine nutrition rations, and also two dry canine nutrition formulas. Some canned rations have “ground” consistency, others imitate slices, and also there are other types of consistencies. The two dry canine nutrition rations by Alpo have Mixed Grill flavor, and Beef flavor. These dry canine nutrition formulas are sold in bags of four different sizes: 15 lb, 17.6 lb, 40 lb and 50 lb. Both of these dry formulas have a rather high percentage of grain.


Customers gave negative reviews about Alpo brand dry canine nutrition. Experts on animal nutrition have recently discovered some negative facts about corn, and in this nutrition, corn is among the first ingredients. So, many dog owners say that such formula is not good for dogs. Moreover, Alpo dry canine nutrition rations contain the preservative BHA, and one of them also has artificial colors, which is also a negative aspect. Some dog owners say that their dogs experience lack of energy when they eat Alpo brand canine nutrition. Only a small part of dog owners say that their dogs seemingly enjoy the taste of these rations, and that it does not cause problems with the pets’ health.