Artemis brand canine nutrition is produced by the Artemis Pet Food Company, Inc. It is an enterprise which was founded in 1998, and is located in North Hollywood, California. It has a slogan “Holistic Approach to Canine nutrition”.


The range of Artemis brand canine nutrition rations can be subdivided into three categories: Fresh Mix, Professional Formula, Osopure. Each of these formulas was specially created in order to best suit the needs of different canine breeds. The Fresh Mix line is the most versatile among all Artemis canine nutrition formulas, while in the Professional Formula line, there is only one dry canine nutrition ration.


Most dog owners like Artemis brand canine nutrition. They say that ingredients of these foods are of good quality, and the formulas evidently do not include too much artificial additives. Dog owners praise Artemis a lot: they say, for example, that their pets become more energetic and healthy all in all, have fresher breath, and other benefits, when they are eating Artemis rations. Another positive thing about Artemis food is that all formulas include meat in the top five ingredients (which means that a ration is rich in animal protein). Artemis brand canine nutrition is also reported to be good for dogs suffering from food allergies.

Still, considering all positive sides of Artemis canine nutrition, there is also a serious negative factor: for most dog owners, its price is too high, since this dog food brand is one of the expensive ones.