Authority brand canine nutrition is produced by Authority, Inc. Authority enterprise was founded in 1995. The marketing slogan of Authority rations calls them a “… direct result of feedback from Pet Parents and an expert team of veterinarians and nutritionists”.


In all Authority canine nutrition rations, protein-based components are in the first place (which means that they have the highest percentage among all ingredients). Many of the rations have corn among their first five components. In some ration formulas, corn gluten can be the top five ingredient. Other common components are dried beet pulp, dried egg product, oat groats, brown rice, fish oil and canola oil. Most Authority dry canine nutrition formulas are free from excessive preservatives, and only include Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E derivatives).


There are both positive and negative customer reports about Authority brand canine nutrition. Some dog owners say that their dogs like these rations, and there are no problems, while others have serious complaints. One of the most common negative remarks is that dogs eating Authority brand canine nutrition regularly emit extremely smelly flatus. There is also some evidence that Authority brand canine nutrition provokes digestive problems, like loose stools, retching, diarrhea. Most dog owners also are concerned about the fact that some Authority rations include too much corn and corn gluten meal. Some of the customers noticed that Authority brand canine nutrition contains a too small percentage of protein, which is not good for dogs.