Azmira brand canine nutrition is produced and sold by Azmira Holistic Animal Care. This enterprise is located in several countries: in China, Hong King, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and parts of western Europe; yet, Azmira markets its goods as being produced in the USA. Azmira was founded by Dr. Lisa S. Newman, a woman veterinary, author of many articles and scientific works about pet nutrition. Azmira has the following marketing slogan: ???holistic animal care lifestyle???. This enterprise produces dry canine nutrition, dry feline nutrition, and goods which are not related to pet nutrition: herbal and homeopathic remedies, flower essences, and other supplements and medications. Azmira dry canine nutrition formulas are remarkable by the fact that they have never been subject to any pet nutrition recalls.


Azmira canine nutrition rations are produced in two product types: dry and canned formulas. There are also two Azmira product lines which differ from each other: Classic and Lifestyle. Azmira canine nutrition rations are marketed as unique formulas which have a detoxifying effect (that is, purge pets??? organisms from waste that is passed through them). They also claim to be good for the health of pets. Azmira???s effect on pets health is based on homeopathic action of specially chosen herbs and other components. In Azmira, they pay much attention ??to keeping the dogs in good condition, with the help of their canine nutrition formulas. Azmira???s canine nutrition rations do not contain corn gluten and rice protein concentrate.


Most of testimonials about Azmira brand canine nutrition formulas are positive. There are rather many dog owners who appreciate the fact that this dog food doesn???t contain corn. Some of dog owners also state that these nutrition formulas include components of high quality, which are easily digested and good for health of dogs.

However, some dog owners are disappointed about presence of sorghum grain in the first five components of Azmira canine nutrition formulas. Sorghum is a kind of grain which is hard to digest, it is used as a filler component in many pet nutritional rations. Also, they don???t like that Azmira formulas include apple pomace (dried waste of juiced apples), which is also a filler. All in all, many dog owners consider Azmira rations too grain-heavy and lacking protein sources for their pets. They thus think that it is unable to fully supplement the nutritional demands of their dogs.