Beneful brand canine nutrition is produced and marketed by Nestle Purina PetCare Company. Purina enterprise was founded in 1894, by a man named William H. Danforth, who decided to specialize on producing rations for farm animals. In 1902, there was a merger, after which there emerged an enterprise named Ralston-Purina Company. In 2001, there was another merger with Nestle, a gigantic company which also produces Friskies brand pet nutrition formulas. Nestle Purina PetCare is a maker of such brands as Alpo dog nutrition, Bonio dog biscuits, Felix cat nutrition, Purina Pro-Plan, and other pet nutrition. Nowadays, headquarters of Nestle Purina PetCare Company are located in St. Louis, Missouri.

None of the Beneful brand products was ever recalled from the market or considered to be harmful for pets (although Purina PetCare had to recall several products in 2007).


Beneful rations are allergy-provoking, and so, are not recommended for dogs that are allergy-prone. Besides, all Beneful dry canine nutrition formulas include ground yellow corn on the first place, and corn gluten meal in the top five of their ingredients. The marketing message of these products states that Beneful is a healthy canine nutrition formula, though in fact, it contains sugar, vegetable protein (wheat and soy), meat of low quality (such as chicken by-products) and artificial chemical colors.


Customers express mostly negative opinions about Beneful dry canine nutrition rations. The main complaint is about the fact that they contain sugar, and so many dogs experience difficulty digesting such rations. Another complaint is that Beneful canine nutrition formulas have high percentage of corn ??? this is a serious negative aspect that most dog owners take into consideration. Probably due to that, some dogs fed with Beneful nutrition formulas suffer from low energy level, hair loss, and stomach problems. One dog owner even says that because of Beneful, her dog???s untimely death occurred. Many customers say that it is better to avoid purchasing Beneful???s canine nutrition formulas, because it seems they have negative effects on dogs health.