Bil Jac Dog Food was founded by brothers named Jack and Bill Kelly. They were heroes of World War II, and after it came to end, they decided to establish a pet nutrition manufacturing enterprise. On their first days of being in business, they did not sell much pet food, yet, over the next few decades their business grew considerably. Working on dry canine nutrition formulas in Bil Jac was started in the 1970???s (while earlier they presented nice frozen pet nutrition formulas). In Bil Jac, they had a desire to create a dry canine nutrition formula that would be equal in nutritive qualities to the best frozen formula.

The peculiarity of this company is that it doesn???t spend a lot of funds on promotion, so it isn???t known as well as other canine nutrition companies.


Bil Jac canine nutrition formulas have a remarkably high percentage of meat (chicken and other kinds). All of Bil Jac rations are produced without vegetable fillers such as rice gluten, rice protein concentrate, wheat gluten meal, corn gluten meal, or whatever. Bil Jac canine nutrition formulas also contain only natural chicken fat, no sprayed-on and rendered fats. The main protein source in Bil Jac???s canine nutrition formulas is chicken meat and by-products.


You may find both positive and negative customer reports about Bil Jac canine nutrition formulas. Some dog owners are quite pleased, their dogs eating it with appetite and with no problems. A considerable percentage of pleased customers also praise Bil Jac food for providing more energy and shiny coat for their dogs. On the other hand, many dog owners are disappointed with the fact that Bil Jac canine nutrition contains so much corn meal in all rations.