Orijen brand canine nutrition is produced by the company Champion Pet Foods. It is a rather renowned company which has been manufacturing pet food for more than 25 years. Champion Pet Foods was founded in Canada. It is a family owned business, its head office is located in Alberta, Canada. All components of Orijen brand canine nutrition rations are only produced at their own manufacturing facility in Alberta.


Orijen brand canine nutrition can boast the highest quality of meat, which is fresh, never previously frozen, and in most cases is taken from free-range or wild-caught animals. As for vegetable components, they are steam-cooked at low heat, which helps preserve more vitamins, minerals, and other useful ingredients. Steam-cooking at 90 degrees is the preferred procedure for all Orijen formulas. Champion Pet Foods especially stresses out the fact that maintains that Orijen rations are best suitable for canine digestive anatomy, because they are made close to ways of nutrition of dogs in the wild.


Pet owners give quite positive reviews about Orijen canine nutrition, because it has such high protein percentage. In fact, many customers say that Orijen is their top choice for canine nutrition. Only several negative reviews about Orijen rations say that some pets tend to throw up when their masters begin to feed them with Orijen brand canine nutrition.