PMI brand canine nutrition rations are produced by PMI Nutrition company. The company was  founded in 2001, and its headquarters are located in St. Louis, Missouri. PMI Nutrition is nowadays a subsidiary part of a bigger enterprise called Land O’ Lakes, Inc – a renowned manufacturer of butter and butter substitute products. PMI currently produces 3 pet nutrition product lines: PMI Nutrition, Red Flannel, Exclusive.


PMI brand canine nutrition rations are generally considered to be somewhat low-quality. Among the components which are included into all their formulas, there are totally undesirable products for dog nutrition, like ground corn and wheat, corn gluten meal, soy protein, low-quality meat (chicken by-product, animal digest), a lot of salt, and also BHA as preservative. Though not all rations include all of these components, there is at least one undesirable component in each ration formula.


Customers have mixed opinions about PMI brand canine nutrition. The thing is that PMI produces another similar product, which is Exclusive brand canine nutrition (it has very positive ratings), and some people tend to believe into good quality of all PMI. Yet, many dog owners begin disliking this brand after examining the components that are contained in PMI brand canine nutrition rations. The components that provoke most negative reaction are BHA, which is included into some formulas as a preservative, great percentage of corn and wheat, and such low-quality protein source as animal digest. So many dog owners say that it is undesirable to feed dogs with PMI Canine nutrition rations.