Pro Pac brand canine nutrition is a line of pet nutrition rations produced by Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. This enterprise is located in Evansville, Indiana. It has a website at, which gives a lot of useful information, including nutritional content of their nutrition. Pro Pac includes a wide range of rations, including dry canine nutrition, canned and dry nutrition for cats, dog treats and cat treats. Together with selling pet nutrition, Pro Pac also organizes a ???Show-n-Tails??? competition show, where participants vote on photos taken by pet owners. They choose the most sweet or funny photos. Pro Pac also has an innovative ???ePAWS Pet Care System???, which is an online calendar-based schedule meant for helping pet owners to keep all their grooming activities regular and up-to-date. They now issue two newsletters: Pro Pac Professional & Pro Pac Companion. Currently, Pro Pac Canine nutrition rations or treats have never been involved into melamine or other pet food recalls.


Pro Pac produces many different canine nutrition rations, all of which are rather specific (they best cover the nutritional demands of dogs at definite ages or activity tiers). Pro Pac nutrition rations are thoroughly controlled and certified according to the requirements of AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) for pet nutrition. Pro Pac dry canine nutrition rations are not grain-free, which may be not very good for dogs. Yet, most formulas, although containing corn among the first five ingredients, still have a protein source as the first ingredient.


Customers give both positive and negative reviews of Pro Pac brand canine nutrition rations. ??Dog owners often say that corn evokes digestive problems in their dogs, including vomiting, flatus, upset stomach and diarrhea. Some of them, however, report that their dogs digest these rations with no problems. Additionally, some dog owners dislike the fact that these formulas lack fruit and vegetable components, which lessens nutritional value of Pro Pac dry canine nutrition rations. Positive reviews mention the fact that Pro Pac does not include any artificial ingredients like preservatives, colors and whatever. All in all, most of the bad experiences are based on the fact that there is high percentage of corn in Pro Pac Canine nutrition rations.