Royal Canin brand canine nutrition is produced by the company named Royal Canin, Inc. This enterprise was founded in 1967, and its founding father was veterinary surgeon Jean Cathary. Initially it was located in Gard village, France, but now its headquarters are in Aimargues, France. In 2002, Royal Canin has been purchased by Mars, Inc. Later on, in 2004, Royal Canin purchased several brands from Del Monte Foods, a giant grocery company, costing $82.5 million. According to the data of year 2006, Royal Canin employed over 3,200 people, mostly outside of France. Royal Canin was subject to pet food recalls of 2007, and during investigation, melamine was found in rice protein concentrate which was included in some of their dry nutrition formulas. Afterwards Royal Canin has introduced an apology for quality violation, and since then no quality problems were detected.


All Royal Canin rations have a protein source among first five components. Royal Canin has a huge variety of formulas, which are rather specific and targeted. They are meant for dogs of different ages, sizes and breeds, energetic demands, activity levels and growth requirements. This variety of formulas currently offered is not always available in stores, so it may be necessary to order some of them online.


Customer opinions about Royal Canin brand canine nutrition are mixed. Some of the customers say that they are content with either one-fit-all formulas or age and breed-specific formulas of this nutrition. On the other hand, some dog owners said that there are differences in quality of Royal Canin Canine nutrition rations produced for the US, and nutrition rations produced for the UK. Some dog owners mentioned that their pets also seemed to suffer from hair loss when on a diet of Royal Canin nutrition.