Science Diet brand canine nutrition is produced by Hill's Pet Nutrition company. Hill's Pet Nutrition was founded in 1939, and its founding father was a veterinarian named Doctor Mark. L. Morris Senior. He decided to begin a pet nutrition business when a blind friend of his asked Mark to invent a ration that would help save a guide dog named Buddy from kidney disease. So, he initiated two lines of nutrition diets: Hill's Prescription Diet and Hill's Science Diet. Rations named Science Diet was invented by the son of Dr. Morris, named Mark L. Morris Jr. It happened in the 1960's. Later Hill's Pet Nutrition began producing not only pet nutrition, but also pet treats.


Science Diet includes a wide variety of dry formulas, and a number of canned formulas. These formulas are rather specific, meant to meet the requirements of different dog sizes and breeds, and dogs of different stages. Science diet canine nutrition rations contain such components as corn and powdered cellulose, which are a doubtful food for dogs. Some of Science Diet canine nutrition rations include natural preservatives such as tocopherols and citric acid, which tend to irritate stomachs of some dogs.


Science Diet is a rather popular ration with many dog owners, but it has still got mostly negative reviews. Many of these reviews stated that Science Diet may receive paid promotion from veterinarians who get funding from Hill's Pet Nutrition (though this is not sure). Also, it is an odd fact that Science Diet contains a high amount of corn despite the fact that its formula was invented by veterinarians. It is also not good that the cost of Science Diet is as high as of some ultra premium rations, e.g. Orijen, though it can not be compared with them in the amount of high quality ingredients. Science Diet receives positive reviews about its taste, and it is said that some dogs can consume such nutrition without any problems. Yet, other dog owners insist pets have digestive problems when they are fed with Science Diet food. Science Diet is recommended by veterinarians, and dog owners in some cases don???t see any bad effects from feeding it to their dogs, but such positive reviews are quite few. Most consumers give Science Diet one or two points out of five.