Dog food known as the Innova brand is produced, marketed, and distributed by Natura Pet Products Company. This business was established in 1992, by three co-founders: Ann Rademakers, Peter Atkins, and John Rademakers. The reason why they decided to open Natura Pet Products was ??? they wanted to manufacture pet food, which did not contain harmful or unhealthy substances. There are also several other brands in addition to the Innova brand: Innova Evo, HealthWise, California Natural, Karma Organic Dog Food, and well-known Mother Nature Natural Dog Biscuits ??? all brands belong to the Natura Pet Products. Nowadays company has a great achievement ??? none of the formulas from Innova are being affected by the pet food recall from FDA. Bet there was a recall in the past, which has influenced all products of Natura Pet greatly ??? company has to make number of changes to implement preventive measures and change the quality control procedures.


All the formulas of the Innova's dog food are using the food pyramid which is fully identical to the one for human consumption. What this means? There are 5 pyramid groups: grain, dairy, vegetables, meat and fruit ??? dog food from the Innova brand contains all of them. All foods and the production process itself are controlled; special cooking method is implemented (it is marketed as the one, which is able to preserve most possible nutrients of every ingredient included, than any other method ??? e.g. conventional one). None of the Innova???s formulas contain chemical preservatives, harmful or unnatural additives, artificial colors. Price for the Innova dog food is not one of the lowest; it varies from formula to formula, and may be even $62 per large 30 lb package.


Majority of customer feedback on dry dog food from the Innova brand are very positive. Protein of a very high quality goes as the first ingredient in almost every formula; all used ingredients are very understandable to regular customer. Although most Innova's formulas are not oriented on the dog owners, who seek grain-free products, there general formulas are still popular among many other dog owners. Dog owners who have tried Innova seem to strongly recommend this brand due to high quality of ingredients and the influence dog food formulas have on dogs.

But as with any product of every company, there were some negative feedback on the Innova brand dog food. Some dogs seem to have health related problems, but they are most likely not related to the food dogs eat, but some of examined dogs did actually experience loose stool problem when they were fed Inova dog food (among other symptoms there were excessive gas and diarrhea). According to all observations it seemed that these problems only took place with dogs of small breeds, due to their sensitive digestive systems. Dogs of large breeds did not have any problems with dog food by Innova.