Dog food from the Instinct brand is manufactured and marketed by Nature’s Variety, Inc. Currently this company is independently owned, and its headquarters are located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Nature’s Variety produces not only dog food from the Instinct line, but they also manufacture the Prairie brand dog food.

Recently Nature’s Variety had to recall their several products due to the suspicion that they ontained Salmonella. This serious event forced the company to even more improve their screening and quality control procedures to prevent any possible contamination with harmful and pathogenic bacteria.


All formulas produced by the Instinct dog food brand are positioned on the market as grain-free products. Currently Instinct brand offers three types of formulas, which are suitable for all dog life stages. All products have a gluten-free starch ingredient – tapioca. Dog food from the Instinct brand can be purchased in three different bag sizes: small one - 4.4 lb, medium 13.2 lb bag and large - 25.3 lb package.




Almost all dog owners who have purchased Instincts had a favorable experience. Dogs, which have food-based allergies, seem to accept the Instinct products well. Some dog owners even reported that their pets started to replace the fur they’ve lost. High quality ingredients and richness of the dog food from this brand has the following impact – dogs eat much less food. Only minority of dogs experienced digestive problems when their owners started to feed them with Instinct formulas. But most of them have adapted to new formulas and recovered a few weeks later. There was one case, when dog owner reported that he purchased a bag, which was already opened, but this was an issue related to the dog food retailer.