The dog food formula from the known Kirkland brand was invented and is manufactured by the Costco Wholesale Corporation. Kirkland Signature is the so-called “store brand” of Costco, this brand signature is put on all products from food to hygiene products. Dog food formulas from Kirkland may be purchased in any Costco store nationwide. The name ‘Kirkland Signature’ is given after the city of Kirkland, located in Washington state, the place where the Costco headquarters were based in years 1987-1996. But the brand itself was not provided in Costco stores up until 1995. First opening of a Costco happened in 1983 - Seattle, Washington. At first the company was not so large, but it continued expanding in 1993 – that year they merged with a well-known “Price Club”. Nowadays more than 142,000 employees work in Costco’s stores nationwide.


Most ingredients, included in dog food formulas from Kirkland brand are rated by consumers as mid-grade ones. You will not find wheat, corn, or soy ingredients among the first five. The same is true for animal digest or animal by-products – there are no such ingredients listed in formulas from Kirkland.




Opinions and attitudes of customers to Kirkland brand are a mixture of positive and negative ones. If dogs are fed formulas from Kirkland – this may become a cause of diarrhea after some time. Is some cases dogs may develop allergic symptoms, or have severe digestive problems (loose stool, smelly gas, upset stomach, or even vomiting). Nevertheless – more than half of dog owners did not report any serious problems when they were feeding Kirkland dog food to their pets