Products of Maxximum Nutrition brand are manufactured by the company called Doane Pet Care, and these dog nutrition formulas are sold by the famous retail chain - Wal-Mart. In Wal-Mart stores consumer may find various types and brands of dog food formulas. The Doane Pet Care manufacturer can be called a specialist in making ???store brand??? pet food production, together with several national brands, which are being sold to consumer-owned pet food companies. There is also number of brands that Doane Pet Care positions on the market and sells itself. Nowadays, the production of this Company counts more than 200 different brands and types of pet food. Doane Pet Care has its headquarters located in the Tennessee state, Brentwood city. Four years ago (in 2006) Doane Pet Care was acquired (or purchased, to be more specific) by Mars, Inc. Mars is a food giant, which is known worldwide; in 2008 it had posted over $21 bln dollars in sales.


Formulas by Maxximum Nutrition can be only bought at the chain of Wal-Mart stores. There is no clear list of ingredients, contained in the formulas, since the list itself is published differently in various sources. Many dog owners complain that dog food formulas from the Maxximum Nutrition are the ones hard to find on the store shelves.


Customer reviews on Maxximum Nutrition products are varying from the most positive ones to?? negative ratings. The big question is the list of ingredients ??? it hard to find online, and the list of ingredients seems to be made up, because it differs on different websites. Such undesirable ingredients for any dog food as animal digest, sorghum, corn, and others are listed as being included in all formulas ??? this has a strong negative influence on many dog owners. There is other problem ??? some dogs started losing their hair in forms of patchy clumps, when they were fed dog food from the Maxximum brand. Digestive problems also were common among dogs eating Maxximum formulas ??? they developed diarrhea, vomiting, upset stomach, loose stools, etc.

Nevertheless, only less than half of the dogs faced health problems while they were fed Maxximum Nutrition brand production. Some dogs do not have any noticeable problems with Maxximum dog food. Some dog owners even recommend this food to their friends and think that this is ???the good one???. This formula is in the low price category ??? it is inexpensive in relation to other brands, and seen by dog owners as the ???economy-type??? lower quality brand.