The dog food from Merrick brand is named after the producing company - Merrick Pet Foods, Inc. This manufacturer was first established as a family owned business, who made a decision to try themselves in natural dog treats production. Until the year 2002 Merrick did not introduce any innovations in gourmet dog food industry. Merrick Pet Foods has released its 1st line of dog food formulas of premium class in 2003. All dog food formulas from Merrick brand are fully manufactured in the USA, unlike many other dog food producers. Additionally ??? all ingredients in all formulas are produced using the approved American USDA sources.


Dog food formulas from Merrick brand do not contain any artificial flavors, colors, or chemical preserving substances. Merrick brand has proven that all their dry dog food formulas have a high digestibility ??? from 79 to 83 percent. The balance of all ingredients was chosen by nutrition experts; although dry formulas contain salt ??? they contain the amount necessary to satisfy daily minimum requirements of dogs??? system for chloride and sodium. Dry formulas by Merrick brand may be purchased in a trial package - 1 lb (for those dog owners, who are not yet sure if Merrick dog food will satisfy their dogs??? needs), and in regular package sizes of 5 lb, 15 lb, and 30 lb bags.


Vast majority of consumer ratings on dog food from Merrick brand are fairly positive. Implemented formulas were tested and seem not to cause any allergic reactions; also these products are easily digestible by dogs of all breeds. Additionally, when some dogs were fed Merrick dog food they seemed to get rid of certain types of allergies (which were food-based and previously existed). Several negative reviews, which were received by the Merrick pet food company either stated that the presence of vegetables in cans was very little and could not be "visible", or other reviews related to the ???over-richness??? of the formulas for dogs that usually were fed lower-quality formulas. Some dogs with sensitive digestive tracts have faced problems of loose stools and gas when they ate Merrick brand dog food.